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    Iulius Curt
    Example: from "RFC 821" and "RFC 6409", the following regex is generated:
    Will the regex work for php as well
    Iulius Curt
    This SO question may help, otherwise I really don't know:
    Guess it's safe to assume that even if there are differences, there is a 1:1 mapping between them, so the generator would be easy to tweak.
    @NJseo, please let me know if you work it out.

    Hey guys, I'm trying to use a regex expression to limit my input to only alphanumeric, but for some reason the left parentheses ( is allowed and so is the ' key. Any advice?

    // Ensure that it is alphanumeric and stop the keypress
        const regx = /^[a-zA-Z0-9]+$/;

    To follow that up, actually any SHIFT + number allows those special characters

    Iulius Curt
    @beeterry That regex looks fine, it's alphanumeric only. Your problem is somewhere else
    Ziming Wang
    Hey guys, how do you match (space 2 space) using regex?
    Iulius Curt

    hey guys stuck with this regex problem.

    Is it possible to write a book without the letter 'e' ?


    Given String str, return:

    How much "e" does it contains (case-insensitive) - return number as String.
    If given String doesn't contain any "e", return: "There is no "e"."
    If given String is empty, return empty String.
    If given String is null/None/nil, return null/None/nil


    Iulius Curt
    @joydeeproy87 Come on, it's easy, you can figure it out yourself
    Oh, and offtopic :)
    Karel Janík
    hello, can somebody help me with regex for string VALUE: <!-- react-text: 1677 -->CASE - POČÍTAČOVÉ SKŘ…<!-- /react-text --><title>CASE - POČÍTAČOVÉ SKŘÍNĚ 2000</title> find a regex which will look on -->CASE - POČÍTAČOVÉ SKŘ…<!-- and match me what is within `--> <!--`
    hi @all, i am stuck in validating email id along with first name and last name. Does anybody know the regex which can validate email id pattern along with first name and last name?
    Firstname lastname < address@domain.com >
    hi all, i need a help in creating regex for email id validation which contains special character or unicode . Email validation regex to allow unicode
    e.g. testÇing@test.co
    any help will be appreciated
    Hello all, Can you please help me on checking url is google drive? "regex"
    hi can any one explain this patten
    yeah understood
    Samer taha
    why each time i study regular expression i forget it