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Repo info
    Eldar Shamukhamedov
    @MarcelMue gotcha, thanks for the reply
    Arnau Aregall

    Hello, I just installed git-control to Atom 1.0.5.
    When I open git:control tab (ctrl+alt+o on OS X), on the git console log appears this:

    git status --porcelain --untracked-files=all
    git fetch --prune

    /bin/sh: git: command not found

    seems that git command is not "visible" for Atom or git-control, anyone could help please?
    Arnau Aregall
    ok, seems that is a problem with Atom on OS X. Tweaking my init script worked:
    Will Pracht
    Maybe a stupid question... When toggling the Git Control panel, it opens the first project. Is there a way to switch it to another project I have open?
    Will Pracht

    Sorry about that, just saw this:

    Gitcontrol only supports one repository at a time currently

    So I just installed Git-Control and I went to push my repo upstream and I'm getting this error > Fatal: Could not read username for 'https://github.com': input/output error
    any ideas?
    @AmazingWizard On which OS are you? It's most likely related to your local user/password setup to push remotely to github
    Possible to provide the confirmation dialogue when click "Reset" button, I accidentally click reset and my pending to commit work gone.
    Sebastien Stettler
    the plugin expects
    under /usr/bin
    mine is in a different location ? anyone else have this issue
    WEBER Antoine
    @billybonks maybe you can create a symlink ?
    guys need help here. having problems with gitflow. i can start a feature and when i try to finish a feature branch it causes an error on its prefix
    Stéphane Klein
    on my osx, shirt+alt+o don't toggle git control panel
    Arthur Mudrick
    I have some problems with RSA keys
    I have set up SSH key following this steps — https://help.github.com/articles/generating-ssh-keys/
    but I still got those errors on screenshot in git:control
    so, how do I tell git:control where my SSH key is located?
    (also, my project is hosted on Gitlab — I've added my new SSH key there)
    Arthur Mudrick
    oh, I've got it — I've tried to push with Git GUI and Gitlab was added to «known hosts» and now everything is fine with git:control also
    when toogle git-control appear this log
    as artuska
    Arthur Mudrick
    @blacking follow my steps
    ok thanks
    Noah (Code Militia)
    Having issues setting up git-control with git-flow installed on a mac via Brew.
    $ sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/git-flow /usr/bin/
    ln: /usr/bin//git-flow: Operation not permitted
    In /usr/local/bin, git-flow is already linked to the Brew cellar.
    lrwxr-xr-x 1 cricket admin 37 Nov 18 17:32 git-flow@ -> ../Cellar/git-flow/0.4.1/bin/git-flow
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)
    When using the git-flow GUI button in your module, I get this error:
    git flow feature start NK-111
    git: 'flow' is not a git command. See 'git --help'.
    When I use git flow in my regular console, I get this:
    $ git flow
    usage: git flow <subcommand>
    Noah (Code Militia)
    yes, no, maybe?
    Gabin Aureche
    Hey there! First, I have to say that you guys did a great work with git-control!
    I am wondering if the package is still maintained?
    @Zhouzi Yes - It is still maintained but currently only really really barely. I tried multiple times to do more on it but life is a bitch.
    @DonkeyAfterDark I am not a git-flow user unfortunately. @TwanoO67 was the person to initially implement git-flow support for git-control. This means that his Pull Requests got merged. Due to my inexperience with git-flow I can't really help you out there unfortunately.
    WEBER Antoine
    Hi guys
    it seems to be a issue about the git flow installation
    did you copy the git-flow command in /usr/bin ?
    maybe you could do a "ls -al" in /usr/bin folder, and check if the git-flow script are there
    @DonkeyAfterDark ?
    WEBER Antoine
    [ btw, the 0.4.1 version, is a very old one( from nvie), you should rather install git-flow-avh (from petervanderdoes) ]
    Victor Bustos
    having the same issue as DonkeyAfterDark... El Capitan's new System Integrity Protection is the culprit. jacogr/atom-git-control#108
    Noah (Code Militia)
    I will try that tomorrow w/ my work computer @TwanoO67 and will look into the El Capitan issue as well @victorbustos. Thanks!
    Adam Pohl
    Hi there, I have just opened a new PR #132 which I know does not work at the mo, but any help making it so would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :smiling_imp:
    @Huaraz2 I think you need to somehow fetch the original repo owner and repo, after that you can actually pull upstream like git pull https://github.com/ORIGINAL_OWNER/ORIGINAL_REPOSITORY.git BRANCH_NAME