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Repo info
    WEBER Antoine
    @arrayoutofbounds Hi! You should start by forking the original package and take a look at how it is made :)
    Adam Pohl
    In the code below:
    { id: 'pull', menu: 'Pull', icon: 'pull', type: 'upstream'}
    Does anyone know what the type setting is for, or where I could find out more info on it. Thanks :smiling_imp:
    Adam Pohl
    As you can see in the above image, when I click on the pull from upstream button it runs
    git pull upstream undefined
    rather than
    git pull upstream name-of-the-branch-I-am-in
    For the code to replicate this please see PR #132
    Thanks :smiling_imp:
    Adam Pohl
    This is an update on PR #132 that I have been working on, I am happy to say that it now works as I believe it should. If anyone wants to check my code please do so as I beleive I have done everything correctly but I have left the type as activeas I don't see a reson why it matters that it is not always on. thanks :smiling_imp:
    hi@all, would it be possible to say, that "git-control" should start with atom, every time?!
    Adam Pohl
    @soRailicious Why would you want this to happen?
    cause, the first of my coding work is, to fetch / pull newest commit - so maybe it would be possible to integrate "settings" into this !!!great!!! package! so the user can decide if he want to start git-control on startup
    Adam Pohl
    @soRailicious ok I guess but I just think it seems a bit pointless as it would most likely increase the start up time of atom and it is not exactly a difficult to open it up yourself
    @Huaraz2 OK. Just asking :) The package "remote-ftp" does exactly this what i've asked (at this plugin i turned off the auto startup function)
    Phong Nguyen
    I keep having this error: fatal: could not read Password for 'username@bitbucket.org': Device not configured. git fetch --prune exited with error code 128. Where do I configure the device/project? Thanks!
    Hey. I'm new to all this. I get "'git' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." when I try to use it.
    Adam Pohl
    hey, can someone have a look at the error I have posted at the end of my tags PR #151 please, not sure why this is coming up. Thanks :smiling_imp:
    Alex Perez
    Hey guys, I am having an issue with EL Cap and SIP, I pulled in the new updated Git-Promise and in the git.coffee set my path to the git I want to use, but when I call it I still get a 'git flow -d' is not a git command error when I try to do anything git flow related in git-control. Any ideas?
    Kwadwo Opoku-Debrah
    Hey im having the same problem as phongnguyen.. any suggestions on how to fix? Thanks!
    Artur Sena
    Hello, having some troubles with it... for start, how do i evem begin using it?
    hey, if anyone has any remote remote , designer, DevOps or Sysadmin jobs they can post them at http://webwork.io
    Steven Williams
    When starting git-control, can i change git status --porcelain --untracked-files=all to git status --untracked-files=no?
    Fedor Logachev
    Hey! Same question about git status, is it possible to hide untracked files?
    Fedor Logachev
    it's ignored, my mistake :)
    Sharon Snyder
    Windows no longer seems to work with the latest update. I'm hoping the maintainer sees this and checks github for the issues some of us are having. Up until now, it's been working well - and I've made heavy use of it!
    Hi all ! I am new in atom, i user git-control on a project with no issue. Recently i had another forlder into my project, with its own git repo, but i can't interact with it via git-control, i can only commit/push to the repo of the first folder. Did i do something wrong ?
    Ok i found the way to do it: there is a button "project" to switch between projects. In my case, my projects have "undefined" as name, i don't know how to give them one. Should i have to install another plugin as project-manager ?
    how can you install older versions of git-control?
    Hendrich Attila
    random question/feature request: is there any way for git control to not automatically select all changes when its opened?
    Mike Loomis
    @Lestt I have seen the 'undefined' issue as well. I haven't figured out where or how it actually gets the git project names, but selecting the different ones from the list of undefined works for now
    Mike Loomis
    Actually I found out this issue has already been fixed, but its just not on the public package from atom.io yet. I suppose they are waiting on some of the other bugs before they release the next version
    Marc Andrews
    Anyone know how to add ssh keys so that I can push to my remote repo?
    Sup dawg
    I am missing colored scheme for files under git
    Is there theme problem?
    Shaun W.
    what does Pull Upstream do in git control?
    Adam Pohl
    @shaunw assumming that you have a remote set as upstream in your project then the Pull Upstream button will pul from that remote instead of the origin remote that the pull button pulls from. Hope this helps
    Hey folks,
    I'm currently running Atom under Win7 and during installion of Git I chose to ONLY run git from git bash.
    Unfortunately git-control wants to run git commands via cmd.exe.
    Can I fix git-control to use git bash instead or do I need to reinstall git?
    Hey guys, so just installed git-control into atom, I
    I'm trying to use remote-ftp package in atom to get into git, however it isn't working.
    is there a tutorial or documentation on how to set up git-control or get my remote into atom?
    Noah (Code Militia)
    So I use git-control and basically how it works is it browses your local copy of the git repo, allowing you to commit and push changes to the remote origin.
    I also use remote-ftp, but I use that to talk directly to my FTP server, not access my remote git repo.
    You'll probably want to use the command line to git clone your remote git repository onto your local machine, then use git-control to talk to those local files.
    Hey :smile:
    I have Error , fatal :could not read Username for "https://github.com": Invalid argument
    Why? I Can't Push now!!
    trying to use git-control on a local git project and when opening the git-control panel it gives me an error "This project is not a git repository. Either open another project or create a repository." Anyone else had this problem?
    Mayank Jain
    same with me