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Feb 2016
Adam Klein
Feb 23 2016 08:22
anyone here?
just trying to add a basic controlller
not sure why it does not automatically pick up the .js file
Jad Joubran
Feb 23 2016 10:04
Hi @cmosguy
Have you tried restart gulp? And if you're using the ES6 version you need to import it in the correct file
Feb 23 2016 11:05

@jadjoubran Hello! I see that our project is updating and growing, it's great!
When I make clone of our git-repository there was AngularJS v1.4.9, now it is 1.5. And my question is: "How to update my version locally?". In docs I not found command or information about that. Then I changed in bower.json dependency to "angular": "~1.5", and make

bower update

Is it right way of updating or I miss something? Thanks!

Jad Joubran
Feb 23 2016 11:11
Hi @GeekEdem Thanks!
Yes that's because I haven't published the upgrade docs and the 3.1 docs yet
well yes it's just about fixing your bower.json
and optionally, if you want to start using the .component syntax you have to do the following:
1) bump angular generators in your composer.json to 2.1.x and composer install
2) also optional => upgrade your previous components by changing .directive to .component and removing some properties if they're set to defaults.. like bindToController: true, restrict: E
but that's assuming you're using the correct defaults.. and if you have scope variables you need to replace it with bindings.. Check angular 1.5 components' official documentation
Feb 23 2016 11:34
@jadjoubran, Thanks! I saw your composer.json on github, and replase versions of laravel to 5.2 too! After composer update there was error, I found in Google fix: need to remove string
in app.conf. After that composer update end with success and php artisan --version shows:
Laravel Framework version 5.2.20
It's great! Keep it up!
Jad Joubran
Feb 23 2016 12:00
@GeekEdem oh.. but I started with a fresh installation.. if you want to upgrade your current version, you'd need to follow the official laravel 5.2 upgrade guide
I think it's really important, some stuff will break if you don't follow this guide ^
and another option is to use the new version of the starter.. but it's still in Beta
hoping to release screencast, updated documentation & updated demo in the coming few days
Adam Klein
Feb 23 2016 15:12
@jadjoubran thanks, can you see what I could b doing wrong here:
should I create an index.controllers.js?
also @jadjoubran i created this file to import it:
not sure what I am doing wrong
@jadjoubran I have actually moved forward now, but now I am getting the error:
Error: $injector:strictdi Explicit annotation required$injector/strictdi?p0=function($provide
Jad Joubran
Feb 23 2016 16:21
you need to append 'ngInject' under your Dependency Injection
Jad Joubran
Feb 23 2016 16:27
because we have ng-strict-di in index.blade.php
Adam Klein
Feb 23 2016 18:20
@jadjoubran thanks, but I did put that in
do you have an example?
Jad Joubran
Feb 23 2016 20:00
@cmosguy can you show me your code?
Adam Klein
Feb 23 2016 22:54
Hey @jadjoubran i created a test case project here:
go ahead and sync to this and do the normal installs
you'll see when you try to hit my Register link, things break and I do not understand why
thanks for your help!
excellent work on the packagte