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Jun 2016
Mark Kevin Besinga
Jun 17 2016 05:26

Hi everyone. Can anyone point me where I got wrong on this? the value of days is undefined when I click a button with ng-click.

<div layout="row">
        md-items="item in vm.querySearch(vm.searchText)"
        md-floating-label="Search for Users"
        <span md-highlight-text="vm.searchText" md-highlight-flags="^i">{{item.display}}</span>
        No states matching "{{vm.searchText}}" were found.
    <md-input-container class="md-block">
        <label>Days Allocated</label>
        <input required type="number" ng-model="days" step="any" name="rate"
   max="5" ng-pattern="/^1234$/" />
   <md-button class="md-fab md-primary" aria-label="Use Android" ng-click="vm.attachUserToMilestone(vm.selectedItem, days)">
      <md-icon md-font-icon="icon-user-plus" class="step ">add</md-icon>

here is my javascript code for ng-click

attachUserToMilestone(user, days) {

thanks in advance. sorry for this noob question.

Mark Kevin Besinga
Jun 17 2016 06:37
nvm. i just figure it out. the problem was on the ng-pattern. I changed its reg ex
Feyyaz Esatoğlu
Jun 17 2016 08:50
hi all, how could extend $auth functionality ? adding methods and / or properties ? for example : I want to add authenticated user name and some attributes. Or do I need a different service to hold this stuff ?
I tried something like following after $auth.setToken(
            this.$auth = angular.extend(this.$auth, {
                'username' :,
                'isSteamConnected' :
but didn't work.
Feyyaz Esatoğlu
Jun 17 2016 13:07
hi all,
I have an issue with the less compilation but I'm not sure where or what the problem is, the problem obviously based on gulp or elixir but not sure which one, could you please give me an idea how could I debug the issue ?
actually I find a stackoverflow answer, but couldn't realize how to put in elixir or gulp conf.
Feyyaz Esatoğlu
Jun 17 2016 13:53
nvermind, I solved the compilation issue
Jad Joubran
Jun 17 2016 14:47
@feyyazesat the feature you're looking for is called Custom Claims