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Jun 2016
Jad Joubran
Jun 22 2016 14:17
hahaha @flick36 I bet arrow functions are your favorite ES2015 features :joy:
Mark Kevin Besinga
Jun 22 2016 15:16

Hi why is that the cancel button of dialog is not firing? also the save. i use the generated dialog (ng:dialog) and do this.

return this.DialogService.fromTemplate('edit-project', {
    parent: angular.element(this.document.body),

the dialog is showing but not hiding when clicking the cancel. ? maybe I am missing something?

Jad Joubran
Jun 22 2016 15:48
have you followed Allan's suggestion?
You might need to pass $scope unfortunately
Mark Kevin Besinga
Jun 22 2016 16:01
hmm so i should really pass $scope in order to hide the dialog?
Allan Alvarez Ortiz
Jun 22 2016 17:57
hahahaha @jadjoubran well it's the easiest way to solve those kind of "problems"
@besingamkb how are you hiding the Dialog? i mean what is your logic? can you show the code on where you are hiding it?
Mark Kevin Besinga
Jun 22 2016 22:22
@flick36 I do not have much logic for now.. the code was from the generated dialog (ng:dialog). and the cancel btn has vm.cancel() function to hide it but not working.. i am thinking maybe the controller of the dialog is not included? or maybe i am missing something? i don't really have idea.