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Jul 2016
Ruhul Amin
Jul 26 2016 12:01
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I created calendar component.js >> class MedicalendarController{


    this.title = 'Calendar Title';
    this.content = 'Calendar Content';


export const MedicalendarComponent = {
templateUrl: './views/app/components/medicalendar/medicalendar.component.html',
controller: MedicalendarController,
controllerAs: 'vm',
bindings: {}

Jad Joubran
Jul 26 2016 12:52
@avastamin why not install it using bower? or you mean you installed it and now you want to use it?
Ruhul Amin
Jul 26 2016 12:59
I already installed in using bower. But I don't know how can I create a custom controller and use scope like the demo calendarDemo.js ( Any example will be really appreciated
Mark Kevin Besinga
Jul 26 2016 15:16
Hi. I have a child component inside a parent component. can I pass some data from parent component to the child component? how can I do that?
Allan Alvarez Ortiz
Jul 26 2016 15:52
@besingamkb with a service? or parameters with ui-router?
Allan Alvarez Ortiz
Jul 26 2016 16:03
@avastamin easy, change all the $scope there for this and all the function varaibles for arrow functions; here, this should work: