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Aug 2016
Jad Joubran
Aug 04 2016 12:04
Hi @flick36 I think vuejs is awesome! but Angular is a full platform (angular 2) so I don't think they can be compared.. if someone's planning on doing dynamic components then vue is great, but if you're planning on making a full SPA then Angular is just awesome!
and regarding Lumen, etc.. I think most of these can be fixed with the next version if the starter becomes a package that you can install.. what do you think?
@feyyazesat can you try installing again?
Jesús López Morales
Aug 04 2016 12:06
Hi @jadjoubran , you, the models, how represent in the section of angular?
Jad Joubran
Aug 04 2016 23:31
@jeslomo I didn't get what you mean