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Aug 2016
Jad Joubran
Aug 07 2016 01:06
@TarekDeeb did you fix the file permissions for storage and bootstrap/cache?
Aug 07 2016 01:07
Aug 07 2016 10:37
I'll try that and report back
Jesús López Morales
Aug 07 2016 16:40
@jadjoubran When you are in "develop mode" it's possible disable service-worker? Programming in this way is very very very slow
because: 1. save, 2. gulp watch compile. 3. send notification to service worker. 4 reload the page 5. the notification of service worker appear. 6. restar with service worker again.
For a minimal change is a pain
Aug 07 2016 16:48
Okay, all's working now. I think the 503 error I was getting was due to a server issue from Azure. So I deleted everything and started afresh, only this time, I didn't use azure-cli. I created a new Web App, searched a bit and found deployment sources. I chose Bitbucket and connected to the repo. I then synced it after installing composer as an extension. I tried the Command tool from azure, but that gave me 0 helpful output, so I used Kudu, another Azure tool (Debug Console). I changed the perms for the directories you told me about, and I generated a key via artisan from there. I updated the vars in app settings and tried the website. It gave me ServiceError: Unable to boot ApiServiceProvider. I added APP_PREFIX=api in my site vars and boom. It worked.
No idea why it wasn't working previously. Anyway, thanks for the help!