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Aug 2016
Guilherme Saade
Aug 21 2016 03:36
hi, its me again, so... i have in my component, the ng-class="{sticky:sticky}", inside my component.js controller, how can i set this variable "sticky" to true? then my ng-class will work.
i dont know, this is getting to complicated, its more than just angular and laravel. jqlite is getting me freaking out!
Guilherme Saade
Aug 21 2016 04:29
success after using "vm.", but still no success geeting $window.on('scroll'),
Guilherme Saade
Aug 21 2016 04:42
actualy i have this, but "sticky" is not dinamically changing, i mean... when i set it to true, the ng-class should be applied.
Jad Joubran
Aug 21 2016 06:26
@SaadeMotion regarding the toast that says a new version is available.. this is covered in the screencasts (Part 1 & 2)