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Dec 2016
Dec 05 2016 11:49
Hello @jadjoubran I'm trying to implement AdminLTE by implementing my own external API into laravel. How can I authenticate users using JWT?
If I'm not mistaken, $token = JWTAuth::attempt($credentials) assumes that I'm using mysql to fetch users. Is there a way around this?
Also, if possible, I'd like to have Auth::user() return the authenticated user that was retrieved from the external API
Jad Joubran
Dec 05 2016 16:40
@TarekDeeb so where do you want to store your users?
Dec 05 2016 18:43
They are registered on lets say platform X. The AdminLTE app I'm building will access an API that is build on platform X.
However, I want JWT because I want to secure the logins. I'm not entirely sure that it's needed as platform X already has security implemented.
I'm actually thinking of building a normal PHP api manually instead of using Laravel. What do you think?