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Nov 2017
Mark Kevin Besinga
Nov 28 2017 07:22
hi @jadjoubran do you think this will be good for new project? I have some basic knowledge on angular 2/4 do you think that is enough for this? because i have upcoming project. a small one and I was thinking if maybe this is good to use or do I need more advance knowledge on angular before I can use this?
Jad Joubran
Nov 28 2017 15:35
Hi @besingamkb this is not a starter anymore it's simply a package that helps you return consistent response from the API, whether it was an error or success
make sure to checkout the documentation first
Vache Ghadimian
Nov 28 2017 19:00
I am new to Angular, but I have a few years of experience in Laravel. I want to built my next application with the SOA where Laravel is a Web Service and all the front-end is in Angular. Are there any recommendations where to get started? I have so far completed the tutorial on the Angular official website