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Vaidas Kascėnas
It seems the maintainers are uploading the docker images to quay.io already but I'm a bit hesitant to use them since that is not mentioned in the website. Or maybe there's an even better source than quay.io to be pulling from?
i need jeagar allinone deployment file as inmemory storage type for k8 20 versions, could you please some one help me on this
Juraci Paixão Kröhling

Reminder - we have moved to #jaeger channel on Slack http://slack.cncf.io/

Hi, i can't to show my application in jaeger Service, Who can understand how to trace my app into Jaeger Service ?
Hi everyone, if anyone ever has any ideas on the below use case I would greately appreciate your input:
Does defining a static sampling strategies in a collector override client sampling policies?
Aasim Mohammed
hey everyone, where can i get all the syscalls containers execute using jaeger?
Ramesh Mishra
@vicmania2007 Our collectors are always going OOM - for this did u find any way to reproduce this error ? we are facing this error too
Vemparala Prabhakar
@jpkrohling can you just review the PR
How to add users for Jaeger UI?
I want to restrict other users to view my application's traces, how do i achieve this?
Bhavesh Pandey
Hi all, I have installed Jaeger in Istio and my services are written in NodeJS, but my headers are not propagating
I tried bunch of things but nothing worked
Posted a question on stackoverflow mentioning what all I tried
But it boils down to the fact that the headers are not propagating and I am not able to get more than 2 spans in any query
I have written apis which calls across services, I am using node-fetch to call apis from one service to another
Tamzidul Matin
Hi all whats the best way to setup jaeger with elk stack?

Hi all,

I have installed jaeger as daemonset in our EKS cluster using operator. I want to ignore traces with /api/resource/v1/index.html endpoint to be removed for all my services. Infact all index.html traces. Is there a way to do that.

hi guys, how do i search request body email object, in jaeger ui?
can it done by tags?
but i tried, http.request_body.email=xxx@gmail.com not working
Hey all, Anyone had any luck configuring Agent <> Collector mTLS using the operator? or any relevant documentation?
Hello everybody. I am working with multi-cluster project and I manage my network settings with istio. I am wondering if I can trace jaeger logs between A cluster to B cluster ?
So i have managed to set to Agent <> Collector mTLS using the binaries and self generated certs from CLI. Anyone got any insight on how i may pass the certs and configuration to the Collector via the jaeger operator?
Anyone here who uses jaeger with the kubernetes nginx ingress controller ? I
I have jaeger_sampler_type set to remote in the ingress config and yet the value being set for jaeger_sampler_param is 1 (default) and not the one I'm sending via the agents, which should be 0.1.
Sharipov Shohruh
Hi everyone, i am getting an error io.jaegertracing.internal.exceptions.SenderException: Failed to flush spans. Can anyone tell me about a solution
I am using jaeger with spring boot

I'm trying to start jaeger query service but don't have any service returned (I've checked - data is in ES)

sudo docker run \
  -d --restart unless-stopped \
  -p 16685:16685 \
  -p 16686:16686 \
  -p 16687:16687 \
  -e SPAN_STORAGE_TYPE=elasticsearch \
  -e ES_SERVER_URLS=http://host1:9200,http://host2:9200,http://host3:9200 \
  -v "${PWD}/config/jaeger-ui-config.json":/config/jaeger-ui-config.json \
  jaegertracing/jaeger-query:latest \

From the logs there is grpc error

{"level":"info","ts":1642057086.9492657,"caller":"app/server.go:198","msg":"Query server started"}
{"level":"info","ts":1642057086.94929,"caller":"healthcheck/handler.go:129","msg":"Health Check state change","status":"ready"}
{"level":"info","ts":1642057086.9493117,"caller":"app/server.go:277","msg":"Starting GRPC server","port":16685,"addr":":16685"}
{"level":"info","ts":1642057086.9493523,"caller":"app/server.go:258","msg":"Starting HTTP server","port":16686,"addr":":16686"}
{"level":"info","ts":1642057087.9493628,"caller":"channelz/logging.go:50","msg":"[core]Subchannel Connectivity change to IDLE","system":"grpc","grpc_log":true}
{"level":"info","ts":1642057087.9494395,"caller":"grpclog/component.go:71","msg":"[core]pickfirstBalancer: UpdateSubConnState: 0xc0005ef070, {IDLE connection error: desc = \"transport: Error while dialing dial tcp :16685: connect: connection refused\"}","system":"grpc","grpc_log":true}
{"level":"info","ts":1642057087.9494543,"caller":"channelz/logging.go:50","msg":"[core]Channel Connectivity change to IDLE","system":"grpc","grpc_log":true}

any suggestion what can be done? telnet on 16685 shows success

2 replies
Greetings Jaeger experts! Some context: I want to be able to read the Kafka messages just like Jaeger Ingester does so I can run some stream processing on top. My poison of choice is ksqldb from Confluent along with schema registry. Question: I am having some issues deserializing the Kafka messages. Any pointers? They dont look like protobuf so I guess it is thrift?
According to Confluent schema registry supports protobuf (this I have yet to verify how well is implemented) but afaik not thrift so that would be a petential show stopper
I tried using the definitions in Jaeger-idl repo but to no avail
Yuri Shkuro

Reminder - we have moved to #jaeger channel on Slack http://slack.cncf.io/

bhavanshu sharma
Hello everyone
while installing jaeger-operater using helm, I am able to change the image repo for jaeger operator
but how can i change it for jaeger-query and jaeger-collector
dai jan
why my service selector not found the trace?
Hello, Is there a way to implement alerting on services in Jaeger ?
For eg : I have a monitored service that takes 2 seconds each request. I want a slack alert to arrive if it takes more than 10 seconds, is there a plugin or could this be done from the jaeger itself ?
Thanks !
Obed N Munoz
Hi there, I'm new on Jeager API and I was wondering if there's a way to insert pre-collected events into Jaeger. I'm not able to collect them in real-time
ooh, I see that comunication has been moved to slack
going there
Tadas Gedgaudas
hey guys
Is it possible to set Slack alerts for Jaeger?
This is the error I am getting when setting up my jaeger-query and collector with an external deployed elastic search
It would be great if you could look into the code. Thanks in advance.