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Osagie Okoedo
HI everyone, I hope I'm in the right place
Ajay Kumar Shah
Hello evryone
Juraci Paixão Kröhling
Hello @osagiestar, @ajayaallen, @CynthiaOmovoiye, @Deepak-du , if you haven't yet, join our #jaeger channel on Slack http://slack.cncf.io/
Is there a way to way to specify the max resource usage for the jaeger-operator ?
Juraci Paixão Kröhling
@moijes12 the operator is just a deployment, you can set the requets/limits just like for any other kubernetes deployment
hi all! how did u guys manage to send spans to jaeger collector from aws lambdas? i have jaeger collector on eks. thanks!
Hi All, Just want to know the usage behind the —downsampling.ratio and —downsampling.hashsalt flags in Jaeger collector. We tried setting the flag —downsampling.ratio=0.30 but still the number of documents ingested in our backend elastic remains same. Do we need to set —downsampling.hashsalt value as well. Our Jaeger collector version is v1.21.0.
Anders Swanson
Hi, I'm trying to install the Jaeger helm chart, but am running into an issue downloading the chart from the repository. Any advice/ideas? Thanks
$ helm repo add jaegertracing https://jaegertracing.github.io/helm-charts
"jaegertracing" has been added to your repositories

$ helm repo update
hang tight while we grab the latest from your chart repositories...
...Successfully got an update from the "jaegertracing" chart repository

$ helm install jaeger jaegertracing/jaeger
Error: failed to download "jaegertracing/jaeger" (hint: running `helm repo update` may help)
Joaquin Menchaca
Hi Guys, any one here with a successful Jaeger setup with Amazon Keyspaces as storage?
Jose Montoya
We're sending zipkin spans to the jaeger collector, and we're getting back a 202 Accepted, but the traces never show up in the UI
Can anyone here point is in the right direction?
jatin gupta
Hey all,
I am using jaeger to trace my http calls ( express nodejs ) and struggling to trace the database requests ( mongoose and sequelize ). Is there any solution available for databases in jaeger-js ??
Juraci Paixão Kröhling

Reminder - we have moved to #jaeger channel on Slack http://slack.cncf.io/

Miguel Henrique de Brito Pereira
Hello all,
I'm having a problem with the max size package at jaeger. Its showing the message "span is too large", I also saw at the docs and there is a config default for this for the size 65000 and I want to change it for double, how can I do that ? I already google it but I didn't find anything, anyone had this same problem and can help me ?
Hi Team,
I am using the jaeger collector endpoint (localhost:14268) for sending traces. When we used the Open Census instrumentation code, we are able to send the traces for java application. We are unable to send the traces, when we implement the Opentelemetry instrumentation code in java application.
Hi Team, I am using opentelemetry to export application data, Two thing i need info 1) In Jaeger UI i want to view all traceid in specfic time. 2) Can i view any metric like last 1 hours how many request are success.

Hello all,
i am facing an issue with jaeger all in one strategy. jaeger is consuming to much memory..
some time it consume 80% (28GB) memory to keep/trace spans.

i am using jaeger as a dependency in my chart.

- name: jaeger-operator
    version: 2.18.3
    repository: https://jaegertracing.github.io/helm-charts

and deploying jaeger all in one strategy

apiVersion: jaegertracing.io/v1
kind: Jaeger
  name: jaeger-all-in-one
    enabled: false
        base-path: /path

how we can fix the size of memory or span
like how can we implement the JAEGER_REPORTER_MAX_QUEUE_SIZE

1 reply
can anyone help me here please
Boris V.Kuznetsov
Hello guys. Could anyone help me please to debug Jaeger connectivity within Istio? I described my problem istio/istio#32044
Simply put, can't get jeager traces into my instance and see only jaeger-query traces instead of bookinfo

Hello everyone, I'm using jaeger-python with OpenStack.
I write a middleware and insert into pipeline, but I lose all span after executing request.get_response(), the span created by with-statement is also lost.
Here's my middleware.

    def __call__(self, request):
        tracer = global_tracer()
        span_ctx = tracer.extract(Format.HTTP_HEADERS, request.headers)
        span_tags = {tags.SPAN_KIND: tags.SPAN_KIND_RPC_SERVER}

        print("tracer", tracer)
        print("span_context", span_ctx)
        span = tracer.start_span(operation_name=self.name) # not lost
        span.set_tag('test-before', 'test reporting span')

        with tracer.start_active_span(operation_name=self.name, child_of=span_ctx, tags=span_tags) as scope: # lost
            span = scope.span
            span.set_tag('http.method', request.method)
            span.set_tag('http.url', request.path)

            print(request.method, request.scheme, request.path, request.query_string, dict(request.headers))
            response = request.get_response(self.application)
            span.log_kv({'request.response': response})
            print("response:", response)

        span = tracer.start_span(operation_name=self.name) # lost
        span.set_tag('test-after', 'test reporting span')

        return response

It is an WSGI application using Apache and mod_wsgi. Jaeger UI shows spans created within request.get_response() with warning "invalid parent span IDs".
Does anyone has the same issue?

I found that span will show after next execution, which means there must be some bugs in my reporter code (rewriting with eventlet).
Vaidas Kascėnas
It seems the maintainers are uploading the docker images to quay.io already but I'm a bit hesitant to use them since that is not mentioned in the website. Or maybe there's an even better source than quay.io to be pulling from?
i need jeagar allinone deployment file as inmemory storage type for k8 20 versions, could you please some one help me on this
Juraci Paixão Kröhling

Reminder - we have moved to #jaeger channel on Slack http://slack.cncf.io/

Hi, i can't to show my application in jaeger Service, Who can understand how to trace my app into Jaeger Service ?
Hi everyone, if anyone ever has any ideas on the below use case I would greately appreciate your input:
Does defining a static sampling strategies in a collector override client sampling policies?
Aasim Mohammed
hey everyone, where can i get all the syscalls containers execute using jaeger?
Ramesh Mishra
@vicmania2007 Our collectors are always going OOM - for this did u find any way to reproduce this error ? we are facing this error too
Vemparala Prabhakar
@jpkrohling can you just review the PR
How to add users for Jaeger UI?
I want to restrict other users to view my application's traces, how do i achieve this?
Bhavesh Pandey
Hi all, I have installed Jaeger in Istio and my services are written in NodeJS, but my headers are not propagating
I tried bunch of things but nothing worked
Posted a question on stackoverflow mentioning what all I tried
But it boils down to the fact that the headers are not propagating and I am not able to get more than 2 spans in any query
I have written apis which calls across services, I am using node-fetch to call apis from one service to another
Tamzidul Matin
Hi all whats the best way to setup jaeger with elk stack?

Hi all,

I have installed jaeger as daemonset in our EKS cluster using operator. I want to ignore traces with /api/resource/v1/index.html endpoint to be removed for all my services. Infact all index.html traces. Is there a way to do that.

hi guys, how do i search request body email object, in jaeger ui?
can it done by tags?
but i tried, http.request_body.email=xxx@gmail.com not working
Hey all, Anyone had any luck configuring Agent <> Collector mTLS using the operator? or any relevant documentation?
Hello everybody. I am working with multi-cluster project and I manage my network settings with istio. I am wondering if I can trace jaeger logs between A cluster to B cluster ?
So i have managed to set to Agent <> Collector mTLS using the binaries and self generated certs from CLI. Anyone got any insight on how i may pass the certs and configuration to the Collector via the jaeger operator?
Anyone here who uses jaeger with the kubernetes nginx ingress controller ? I
I have jaeger_sampler_type set to remote in the ingress config and yet the value being set for jaeger_sampler_param is 1 (default) and not the one I'm sending via the agents, which should be 0.1.
Sharipov Shohruh
Hi everyone, i am getting an error io.jaegertracing.internal.exceptions.SenderException: Failed to flush spans. Can anyone tell me about a solution
I am using jaeger with spring boot