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Repo info
    Is Astronomy 2 documented yet?
    Sam Hulick
    is there a way to validate something that has the shape of an Astro class but is not actually an Astro object? for instance: valid = Color.Validate({R: -3, G: 0, B: 255})
    instead of having to do: const c = new Color({R: -3, G: 0, B: 255}); valid = c.validate();
    @Gaelan no it's not documented yet
    @ffxsam it's not possible right now but I can allow that. It may be handy
    @sergiotapia yes you can but there can be a few little changes in API of behaviors.
    Sam Hulick
    @jagi awesome, that would be helpful. I think it makes sense for validators to be static like that. thanks so much for the awesome work. Astronomy is amazing!
    @jagi can you explain how events work? If i define, for example, before Insert event will it trigger on client and on server together? If yes, how to define server side event only?
    Jørgen Foss Eri
    Haha, @Deadly0 , came to ask the exact same question
    Though, with the afterInsert event. I want to trigger a function on the server when a document is inserted on the client side.
    Jørgen Foss Eri
    For now I've been using matb33:collection-hooks, but it isn't as elegant as having it in the model.
    MyCollection.getCollection().after.insert(function (userId, doc) {....});
    Anton S
    Does astronomy supports validating of nested classes?
    Mike Cardwell
    When using inheritance with a typeField, I thought that by calling Parent.find(), it would also pull out Child items. It doesn't though. Shouldn't it? This is certainly the expected behaviour to me... Could an option be added to allow this?
    Adam Heller
    Anyone implement easy search with astronomy yet?
    Adam Heller
    update: works with no issues
    Adam Heller
    will boolean false values always show?
    my true values are showing ... just not my false values. trying to make sure it's not a framework thing before i go tearing into my code.
    funny. default: true will display 'true' default: false will display ''
    Adam Heller
    @jagi intentional?
    ah crap. nvm, it's probably on me. i have to modify my template. nvm.
    if I require validator unique on field _id that then means that it will apply to any nested class with _id as well. for example I am inserting Player class with field _id into Record. Record requires unique _ID but Player does not (as player can be part of many records). This is intended since it is a hard rule on the validation of field _id (correct?)
    I hope that is clear. Validator is blocking additional Records from being created if I attempt to insert a Player with _id whose _id is already in a different record. I want the validator to be only on the _id of Record Collection, not on the Player Class _id
    @HellerCommaA Did you figure out the true/false showing issue? I think this is a spacebars issue see https://github.com/meteor/meteor/blob/master/packages/spacebars/README.md#in-attribute-values
    Aharon Rossano
    Hi, I can't work out how to get relations to work. My relations object comes back as 'relations: null'.
    I installed the meteor package jagi:astronomy-relations, so I assume it should work.
    got it. it shouldn't be in fields! :) yay
    mm it still didn't work :S
    Aharon Rossano
    is it possible it doesn't work with meteor 0.13?
    Aharon Rossano
    i see. maybe it's not supposed to work just yet: jagi/meteor-astronomy-relations#6
    Charles Baker
    Random question: If I'm wanting to validate input for something like a user registration form, can Astronomy be used for that, or...should I just do stuff like that manually (validating a valid email format, username length, password length, etc.)
    Arihant Verma
    Hey @jagi or anyone who knows, may I know the name of the reading progress bar meteor package that you used in the meteor-astronomy documentation page?
    Arihant Verma
    Also, since I'm starting with Meteor, I'd like to know some resources through which I can start building a blog looking website similar to the astronomy and bulletproofmeteor websites, using Meteor, could anybody help ?
    Sam Hulick
    This message was deleted
    This message was deleted
    Antoine Cordelois
    Gello all
    Is there testimonies or examples of large app using astronomy out there?
    I am about to migrate a quite large app to a package based architecture
    I consider the whole code refactoring in the process
    and maybe including astronomy
    but I can't find any clues of how it behaves when scaling up
    vs simpleschemas + collectionhooks
    for instance
    Rafal Lesniak
    Hello. I've got one question, how to implement astronomy functionality with Meteor Accounts? for now using const user = Accounts.createUser(data);
    does not ping Astro
    Michael Bauer
    Can the object type hold any type of value? I am looking to implement a properties object, where the value can be a string, number, object, or even an array. What are the restrictions put on the validation of an object type?
    Tsegaselassie Tadesse

    @rlesniak, here’s what I’ve done.

    User = Astro.Class({
        name: 'User',
        collection: Meteor.users,
        fields: {
            username: 'string',
            password: 'string',
            profile: 'object',
            "profile.roleId": 'string',
            services: 'object',
            createdAt: {
                type: 'date',
                default: function() {
                    return new Date();
        validators: {
            username: [
                Validators.required(null, "Please provide a username"),
            password: [
                Validators.required(null, "Please provide a password"),
               // Several other validators here
            profile: Validators.required(),
            "profile.roleId": [
                Validators.required(null, "Please select the Role for the user"),
            createdAt: [
        methods: {
            role: function() {
              return Roles.findOne({_id: this.profile.roleId});

    Let me know if you need more help.

    Hey everyone, I get this error popping up when I start meteor. Anyone have a similar issue?
    jagi_astronomy.js?90a6a2e…:1601 Uncaught TypeError: schema.eventManager.on is not a function
    Sam Hulick
    @jagi Is there a helper function available to clean an object of all Astronomy properties? It's kind of tedious to have to always use lodash _.pick to just choose the fields relevant to my object when using in other contexts such as Redux