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Björn Kautler
Hello All, question around mockserver and FIPs. Has anyone gotten this working before? I'm seeing ssl is broken when you try to use FIPs version of bouncycastle with mockserver. Everything else seems fine, but I do not know enough about how all the backend is working to debug this well enough. So any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
I use MVN to start the mock service, then how can I write the expected results of the hot interface if I make java? At present, I see the examples you give here all need to restart a mockserver service. It's very urgent. Please see the reply as soon as possible. Thank you very much!!!
Hello again All, I figured out FIPs on mockserver. I will be making a PR to go to the normal repo to try to alleviate this for anyone who might need to have FIPs working with mockserver. Will take me a few days to get it out there, reach out if anyone needs assistance in the mean time.
Uri Berman
Hi everyone. I'm configuring MockServer as a standalone process through Docker, using the latest version as of today.
I'm configuring a callback based response using the Node MockServer client.
Afterwards, I call the "reset" function of the client. However, it seems like the WebSocket connection created through "mockWithCallback" keeps existing, because my tests runner (Jest) does not exit, complaining about a persistent connection still existing
Has anyone ran into this issue in the past? I found a GitHub issue complaining about the same thing in the Java client, which was solved, but it seems like the same hasn't happened in the Javascript client
Hi Does MockServer support http2.0
Hi newbie here. Trying to get the examples war file to work. I have it deployed on jboss eap without error, but cannot seem to browse to URL. jboss is running on port 8080. Seeing messages like this on deployment: 2019-09-18 12:45:32,035 WARN [org.springframework.web.servlet.PageNotFound] (default task-1) No mapping found for HTTP request with URI [/mockserver-examples-5.6.2-SNAPSHOT] in DispatcherServlet with name 'dispatcherServlet'
Another newbie question. I need to have a response handler that reads in a template file, replaces some parameters, and return as the html result (in java). I am assuming you have to implement a callback class to do that? thanks!
Asif Ameer
Hello, I am running mock-server in a performance test where I send in 10000 requests to my AUT. I want to use the mock-server to confirm that 10K downstream calls were made. But I only get a max of 2000 requests reported by mock-server when I query it with verify or when I do a retrieve of requests after the test. Is this 2000 request log limit a hard limit in the mock-server?
Hello everyone, I would like to get a simple use application of mockServer. Could someone give me a link ? thanks
Hello every, I'm looking for a way to use the regex matched value within the expectation Response. Anyone can tell me if this possible ? If not, any idea how I could do, maybe with a javascript template ?
"httpRequest" : {
"method" : "POST",
"path" : "/api/v1/endpoint",
"headers" : {
"X-Service-Id" : [ "XXXX" ]
"body" : {
"type" : "REGEX",
"string" : "[{\"ref\":\"(.)\",(.)}]
"httpResponse" : {
"statusCode" : 200,
"reasonPhrase" : "OK"
"body" : {
"type" : "STRING",
"string" : "[{\"ref\":\"$1\",....}]
My question is about the way to have a matched value ref "$1" into the Response body.
Thanks in advance for your help :)
Ben Fradet
hello, I'm upgrading from 3.12 to 5.6.1 and getting Cause: java.net.SocketException: Unexpected end of file from server for every test, is there something I'm missing on the upgrade path?
Anton Shapiro
Hi all, I am trying to set up mock Server in stand alone mode, that is java -jar ... I could not find any clear explanation/example on how to : capture response from "to be mocked" system and how to respond with captured response. Can anyone please help me out or point me to an example? Thanks
Anton Shapiro
Jun Yu
I have been using mockserver for function testing. Can the mockserver be used for load testing? Will mockserver become the bottleneck?
Anton Shapiro
Stand alone mode, repointed my server to talk to mock, pointed postman to hit mock URL. Post man runs fine, i am getting mocked response, however my app gets 502 Connection refused, while trying to connect to mock server. Any ideas?
Vikramsingh Rajput
how to check if my mockserver is running on my local port? is it possible to hit URL on web browser.
Raajeev H dave
Hi Everyone. I have installed MockServer Proxy to record
and I want to mock one of my Web Url
How should process now
Any help will be appriciated

Hello all, I have a testsuite which uses a standalone mock server instance and the tests use a client created like so return new MockServerClient("localhost", 1080); The test are run locally (using Docker containers ) and in a Jenkins job (also using Docker containers) and things have worked very nicely. However, for reasons that I cannot figure out the Jenkins job is now failing and I have localized the failing step to where the test issue reset() on the mockserver client : MockServerClient mc = mockserverClient(); mc.reset(); (where mockserverClient()just does the creation stated above. In the log of the MockServer container I see java -Xmx128m -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar /opt/mockserver/mockserver-netty-jar-with-dependencies.jar -serverPort 1080 -logLevel INFO & 2019-10-21 07:57:26,307 INFO o.m.m.HttpStateHandler started on port: 1080 2019-10-21 07:59:18,581 INFO o.m.m.HttpStateHandler resetting all expectations and request logs 2019-10-21 07:59:18,837 INFO o.m.m.HttpStateHandler resetting all expectations and request logs 2019-10-21 07:59:18,878 INFO o.m.m.HttpStateHandler resetting all expectations and request logs 2019-10-21 07:59:18,936 INFO o.m.m.HttpStateHandler resetting all expectations and request logs 2019-10-21 07:59:18,969 INFO o.m.m.HttpStateHandler resetting all expectations and request logs 2019-10-21 07:59:19,038 INFO o.m.m.HttpStateHandler resetting all expectations and request logs 2019-10-21 07:59:19,073 INFO o.m.m.HttpStateHandler resetting all expectations and request logs 2019-10-21 07:59:19,162 INFO o.m.m.HttpStateHandler resetting all expectations and request logs 2019-10-21 07:59:19,242 INFO o.m.m.HttpStateHandler resetting all expectations and request logs 2019-10-21 07:59:26,098 INFO o.m.m.HttpStateHandler resetting all expectations and request logs 2019-10-21 07:59:31,684 INFO o.m.m.HttpStateHandler resetting all expectations and request logs and the test log shows that it's the reset step that fails with a org.mockserver.client.ClientException : ```com.resurs.signicatdocumentmover.workinitiator.service.AlternativeFlowsIntegrationTest > service_disabled_renders_no_action FAILED
Caused by: org.mockserver.client.ClientException at AlternativeFlowsIntegrationTest.java:133 ( mc.reset() )

com.resurs.signicatdocumentmover.workinitiator.service.AlternativeFlowsIntegrationTest > multiple_taskinfo_searches_for_current_period FAILED
org.mockserver.client.ClientException at AlternativeFlowsIntegrationTest.java:391 ( mc.reset(); )

com.resurs.signicatdocumentmover.workinitiator.service.AlternativeFlowsIntegrationTest > no_taskinfo_for_current_period_and_next_period_too_recent_yields_no_action FAILED
Caused by: org.mockserver.client.ClientException at AlternativeFlowsIntegrationTest.java:336 ``` ( mc.reset(); ) I have no idea about why this happens, anyone with a clue?

Hello, did someone already use configuration option: mockserver.disableRequestAudit=true ? into our env, we are generating too much traffic for mock server and so we would like to not store the requests as we are not using /verify. But I always see the requests when using /retrieve, did I misunderstand this option ?

FYI, I do:
cmd : docker run -p1080:1080 jamesdbloom/mockserver:latest -serverPort 1080 -jvmOptions "-Dmockserver.disableRequestAudit=true"
executing: java -Dmockserver.disableRequestAudit=true -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar /opt/mockserver/mockserver-netty-jar-with-dependencies.jar -serverPort 1080 -logLevel INFO

And I got 202 response when do PUT http://localhost:1080/mockserver/verify with {
"httpRequest": {
"method": "GET",
"path": "/demo",
"queryStringParameters": {
"test": [
"times": {
"atLeast": 1,
"atMost": 2

hi, Does mock-server support browser proxy?
the document doesn't seem to be clear about this
anyone knows how to set up MockServer to support https?
Franz Allan Valencia See
@ZCH2005 im using mockserver to record and replay against https and seems to work out of the box without any special configuration
@yhjhoo it creates a mock server, if you can connect your browser to your mockserver as proxy, then theoretically, it should work :)
not sure though if it was meant for htat
i.e. not sure if it can handle images, css, html, js, etc
any body knows how to do mock server expectations wherein part of the response echos back part of the request?
Asif Ameer
@franz-see I use response templates with javascript code to handle the processing. Look at http://www.mock-server.com/mock_server/creating_expectations.html#button_javascript_templated_response to see an example.
is it possible to run expectations with Mockserver running or at Docker ???
Hi All, I downloaded the mockerver repo to my Intellij and have been struggling to get the maven dependecies to resolve, we use Nexus and have made change to refer to Nexus
However the problem still continues to exists.... I am interested in the MockProxy server for one of the projects
Hi All, I'm trying to match a request which has "[" and "]" characters into the querystring and I can't manage to make it works. Does anybody have a clue about this. Thanks in advance.
Manuel EVENO
Hi everyone
Is there a way to use path param in response or body fields (json input) in response ?
Manuel EVENO
In the doc, we can see how to use headers or request attributes but I can't find out how to use json body values
Asif Ameer
@meveno try the template response format and use JSON.parse(request.body.string).<yourfield> within the javascript.
Manuel EVENO
ok I'll try this ! Thanks
anyone here?
Rajendra Prasad Reddy Penumalli
How to add an expectation ( via REST interface) to match certain headers and and ignoring any other headers ? Is it possible? I don't find this example or capability for mock server for this feature.
James D Bloom
@/all This chat group is migrating to Slack if you would like to join the new Slack group please use the following link https://join.slack.com/t/mock-server/shared_invite/enQtODM3NDY0NzA1NTQwLWM0NTFmOGJhN2ExNTViNDRmZjk0MDgyOGNmNDU0YjE3YzZhNjBjMmM5Y2FlYTI1ZmJhNzNkMWJkMTE5ZTRlZjM
There will in due course be an auto-join page but for now the two ways to join the new slack group is to either use this link https://join.slack.com/t/mock-server/shared_invite/enQtODM3NDY0NzA1NTQwLWM0NTFmOGJhN2ExNTViNDRmZjk0MDgyOGNmNDU0YjE3YzZhNjBjMmM5Y2FlYTI1ZmJhNzNkMWJkMTE5ZTRlZjM which expires in 30 days or send an email to join.mock.server@gmail.com
Parag Somani

Hello @jamesdbloom

I was able to run the mock-server successfully using docker container. I was able to create expectation and access via REST interface successfully.

Can you assist, how can i persist created expectation, so that even after restart, i should be able to access them.

P.S. I have tried mounting volume to docker container, but did not have luck. Looks like i am missing something.