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    If we could integrate the patched Libre2 smooth function in the 640G / Eversense plugin it would be a big advantage, what do you think about? @jamorham @AdrianLxM
    @davorcro oh, is miao2 available already?
    I have the mm2. IT Will be available soon for the general public
    Ah, cool
    Kinda speaking of, any news on updated Libre OOP with their new algorithm?
    @Heiner1 the eversense app (Esel) hast it's own smoothing function.
    Also: Libre sends data every minute. It's not necessarily a perfect fit. Did you play with the smoothing settings in Esel?
    @CaroGo What do you mean? If I put a sensor in, then wait 10 mins before starting it in xDrip, what time do I put in?
    @acron0 I don't wait to start it... And just put in the correct actual time... I think it does not accept time difference larger than 5min.... Not sure about this, just my observation....
    @CaroGo I'll second that, always struggled to get a G6 to start well if not entering the current time - hadn't twigged the thing about it having to be in the same 5 minute sleep window though but that certainly fits with observations...
    Does xDrip still send calibrations to a started G5s Native, if using xDrip algo?
    I see logs and get warnings if I accept after 1hr than it can't be sent to Native.
    So I assumed so, but not much in status
    @AdrianLxM Hi Adrian, yes I played with it, but still not the best; I'm impressed by the results of smoothing function for the libre2 plugin, looks better than smoothed readings from ESEL. To integrate it into NSEmulatorReceiver would be a nice idea, what do you think about, is it possible?
    Did anybody become problems with combo pairing? After updating xdrip nightly 2019-08-21. last morning I lost combo connection, up to now I could not manage new ruffy pairing. Have the bluetooth conditions changed?
    @Heiner1 My experience with Libre2,when the reading has noise ,Librelink always said “sensor error,wait for 10 mins”
    Kichul Kim
    @floriancgm i am on xdrip+ nightly 8/20/2019. My combo/ruffy works fine. I am using oneplus 7 pro. I would keep try to delete/pair combo pump using ruffy. I would read and follow some tips from https://m.facebook.com/groups/127507891261169?view=permalink&id=253865378625419&refid=18&ref=bookmarks
    @jamorham Thanks for your efforts to crack the 2.x firmware! I do wonder if these changes are also significantly driven by dexcom's collaboration with apple. In a video, the Dexcom CEO mentions that they had to update the firmware for the apple watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozoVpPULySo&t=4m50s
    btw, any updates?
    @birdfly What was your setup with the L2? Simply reading via the patched LibreLink app? Have you checked the logs? Please enable "xdrip libre_receiver:v". Then you can check the minutewise readings from the app. Are those readings also very noisy?
    @birdfly I haven't seen such noisy readings within my first 14 days of L2 experience. And only for a while, looks like triggered by a BG limit.
    @nic2mit ThankyouKim,I could pair the combo in "red characters" but crosstalk with AAPS is not possible. I Think the mobile bluetooth is somehow broken. nothing to do with xdrip bluetooth
    anyone know why there is all 0 and Loop Disabled despite the fact that it is not ?
    Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 17.26.49 PM.png
    Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 17.28.24 PM.png
    TBR is already for an 1h 0%, could this be the reason?
    it is latest nightly xDrip version
    I think it is long running 0% TBR related, just canceled 0% TBR and xDrip shows correct AAPS numbers even after loop set 0% TBR again, but after few minutes same problem again with all 0's as before (see pic above). @jamorham any idea whats wrong here? is it AAPS or xDrip?
    I saw this problem already days and weeks ago but ignored it until today as I did not see the AAPS numbers on my Garmin which gets them from xDrip
    Since I cannot find it out by Google, I am asking here: What do the dark green and dark violet lines of the prediction module mean?
    @DerArno you will find this in the Glossary
    please have a look at Predictions https://androidaps.readthedocs.io/en/latest/EN/Getting-Started/Glossary.html
    Ups. That was for AAPS.
    Jukka Aaltonen
    Hi, is there a way to move the Xdrip data/base gathered in one Android/phone to another?
    @jjaone use 3-dot menu - import/export features - export database. Upload to Dropbox or sort of, then import on other phone.
    @jamorham today my G6 (FW restarted after 9 days. I got popup that it restarted (I got a flag in overview) and another one that the start failed with code 6. Sensor is working fine. I was wondering why I got the "code 6" and if it is necessary because it restarted without issues.
    Uploaded with Directupload Image Sharer
    Uploaded with Directupload Image Sharer
    Uploaded with Directupload Image Sharer
    Also in the status screen it shows FW but "null" and not
    @2flea I saw a similar message, but 2 hours later it successfully restarted with a 10 minute warm up.
    @2flea I have been getting issues with restart as well, only my pre-emptive restarts are failing entirely. Updated the app and hope that will fix it but wondering if it's something with an 81xxxx transmitter instead of 80xxxx transmitter
    Is it possible to set up temporary text message alerts for babysitters, coaches and temporary caregivers?
    @roco5 I don't think so, what you mean exactly, what messages? xDrip does not send text messages or do you mean notifications ?
    text messages from the collector would be ideal.
    coach for a soccer game, friends house, teacher, grandparents, etc.
    @jamorham A few days ago I sent you the logs of a case where xDrip did not raise an alarm for a low and even the logs did not contain any indication why the alarm was not raised. Did you maybe have a chance to look at them?
    Patrick Sonnerat
    @jamorham and other gurus I see an increasing number of xDrip+ sync followers losing signal from master whereas NS follower is still working... any idea what to troubleshoot? Only Google Play Service?
    Also I have a tough case of an xDrip+ connected to miaomiao but no data flowing in (like only 20 minutes then nothing) log only reports
    Dexcollection service received a buffer
    Bluetooth device reports connected