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    Amin Charoliya
    I'm looking for a good tutorial or resource to get started myself to develop a website using Jamstack and Wordpress as backend
    Please let me know if anyone has idea
    Kevin Doocey
    @amincharoliya GatsbyJS would be a great one to consider. https://www.gatsbyjs.org/
    Amin Charoliya
    Thank you @Doocey for taking a time to reply :)
    Sure, I'll check it
    Amin Charoliya
    @Doocey Is there any way we can develop without the help of GatsbyJS?
    Hello, I made a flow chart to present the JAMstack in my company. I tried to make it easy-to-understand but I now fear that it has become the opposite. Could you please let me know what you think.
    I grouped together Authentication Management and Server Management Services to simplify.
    This "Website Management" block could be a service like Netlify, that let's us create and configure virtual hosts, SSL and other settings as well as provide Access Control and Authentication services.
    Also if you know some good resources with JAMstack flowcharts etc. please let me know.
    I should add, the majority of people I am trying to explain this to are not developers but work with frontend design or business management.
    When I say the CMS Services Runs the Static Site Generator, I imply that there is some automated service that runs builds with a webhook or similar. I see this as part of the Content Management System Services.
    Kevin Doocey
    @amincharoliya If you're determined to keep WordPress as the CMS, then Gatsby is one of the smoothest in terms of consuming the data, at least, in my opinion.
    Hi, I am totally new to JamStack. I have a background in Wordpress and would like to have some advantages of Wordpress retained. A Dashboard for non-geek users, mathematical formulas using LaTeX syntax are among them. Which JamStack setup would you recommend for me?
    Having free CSS Themes would be also useful.
    Mark Hughes (happybeing/theWebalyst)
    Hello there. Just found JAMstack and like the look of it very much. Have yet to dive in, but the principles seem to fit my two favourite projects very well. SAFE Network and Solid both keep app logic in the client JavaScript and have simple backend API. I'm currently working on FUSE mount to create a SAFE Drive, but will be back when I can get back into the Web app site if things. What are the best passive ways to keep informed about JAMstack? I didn't find a twitter feed, but have followed joshmedeski from my twitter safepress a/c. Laters :smile:
    Mark Hughes (happybeing/theWebalyst)
    BTW on my tablet gitter shows this chat as 'community' in the left hand menu, which makes it hard to find. Might be worth renaming?
    JAMstack/chat would fit in full I think.
    Kristen Seversky
    Hiya! Just learned about this and figured I'd jump in here to absorb more..
    Scott Spence
    Hey @sysoce do you have your own CMS or are you using a SaaS?
    Dashon Jamal Hawkins
    I had an amazing time at JAMstack_Conf in San Francisco a few weeks ago. I’m looking for assistance to start a JAMstack Meetup in my area of Phoenix, Arizona. We already have a venue and a following. Can someone please assist me on what to do next?
    Gideon Kreitzer
    If anyone is considering alternative setups for their next JAMstack project, I've open-sourced a development platform which aims to establish a sound foundation and accelerate overall development. I'd appreciate any and all feedback as it is still in its early stages, thanks :)

    Hi guys,
    So I'm completely new to JAMstack or JavaScript/Web Development in general.

    Though I found out about GatsbyJS and I thought that it sounds awesome. Having a PWA and no server sounds like something I want.

    Though I have a question.
    What would be the best way t go about leanring and creating a website using GatsbyJS? Or should I do somehting else?

    A bit of background.
    I want to create two personal websites/blogs (though there'd not have just Blog posts) and one more presentation website for a Company.
    I'd like it to be a PWA, and even have push notifications at some point.
    I want to gather subscribers.
    I want to write my blog posts in MArkdown.|
    I might want to cross-post to different platforms, too.

    My skills

    • I'm a product designer
    • I used to code Anrdoid apps (Java, Kotlin)
    • I used to be an ethical hacker and write scripts in Python (Some websites with bootstrap and Flask along the way, too).
    • I hated JavaScript and CSS in past.

    So what owuld you recommend me?

    Mark Hughes (happybeing/theWebalyst)
    @SovcikJoe welcome. I'm new here to so can't answer your question sorry (I haven't used PWA as such or GatsbyJs), so just saying hello. The JAMstack folks don't seem to hang out here since I arrived. My interest is in the ability to create sophisticated cross platform Web apps on SAFE Network, a new privacy / security focused decentralised storage and app platform. JAMstack seems very suited to this because it keeps the logic in the client. Also, I'm hoping to develop Solid apps (Tim Berners-Lee's Project) on SAFE, in order to decouple data ownership from the app and allow different apps to work with all of a users data, and turn the existing centralised, invasive, user manipulating model of the web upside down.
    Sota (Sam) Yamashita
    Hi I am co-organizer of JAM Stack Tokyo. We are going to hold an event soon so please update community page(https://jamstack.org/community/) with https://jamstack-tokyo.connpass.com/.
    Kevin Doocey
    ^ Great to see
    Franck LN
    What are y'all using to test your frontends?
    our co-founder Charles met a guy in a Winnipeg.js meetup who was talking about cypress.io
    so I invited him on the blog to tell us more about it: https://snipcart.com/blog/frontend-testing-cypress
    think it can be awesome to test SPAs
    how do i start jamstack guys
    please help me
    it's really wonderful i like the idea behind JamStack
    Please Help
    Amin Charoliya
    @richardme If you are familiar with React js then I would recommend you to start with GatsbyJs : https://gatsbyjs.org
    Will Lutz
    Hey friends. I'm looking for blog posts/resources that talk about handling auth
    Does anyone have a live site that has been successfully indexed by Google?
    Kevin Doocey
    @codeindustry_gitlab That's a broad question. Do you mean a JAMStack site ?
    @Doocey of course! That makes my question a lot less broad!
    Guy Romelle Magayano
    @richardme You can start by choosing your preferred static site generator. It could be Jekyll, Middleman, Hugo, Gatby and many others.
    Levi Robertson
    Hello all!
    hi all
    Amin Charoliya
    Hello guys
    When using a github public repo, How can I hide my firebase config?
    @sotayamashita sorry that I didn't see this request sooner. My name is Perry and I'm the Community Manager at Netlify. I've just edited the link to the URL you have provided. I'll be around in this space more from now on, you can also reach me @ community@netlify.com for questions/info regarding Jamstack Meetups! :D
    @codeindustry_gitlab Are you having a specific problem getting something indexed? Or are you just asking in general?
    @amincharoliya Not sure I can directly help you with that, but just so you know, if it is truly private data such as an account/API key or something like that, you normally shouldn't have it in your repo at all, public or otherwise.
    Amin Charoliya
    @tech4him1 Okay, So how can I hide those things from public?