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    Dashon Jamal Hawkins
    @lvrbrtsn_gitlab is there anyone here that is over the community so that we can connect the JAMstack-Phoenix Meetup?

    Hello! I have a quick question.
    I’m running a static site on Netlify (with HugoCMS). It is a blog where I will write articles and I want to be able to read the number of subscribers from social network (facebook, twitter, youtube…).

    How can I get this data (I guess only option is using their APIs) and how can I display that info in my site (Can I do it without using a backend?)

    Amin Charoliya
    If I want to use Gatsby +Headless WordPress then How my project will setup on Netlify?
    Do I need different server to host the Wordpress?
    Tony Alves
    @amincharoliya yes, you would have Wordpress on a different server
    Amin Charoliya
    Thanks @talves for response
    Adam Soffer
    Has anyone had any luck getting live previews working with wordpress?
    Sung M. Kim
    I think the last example Adaptive Programmer seems to be gone now... (https://jamstack.org/examples/)
    Getting forwarded to a parked domain. 🤔
    Would anyone else be able to confirm?
    @soulaimanassikiou Have you considered using Netlify CMS functions (https://www.netlify.com/docs/functions/)?
    Ido Shemesh
    Hey, is there a way to restrict authenticated users from accessing specific pages in a static/generated site based on a SAML assertion attribute value (for instance)?
    @yonezawas_gitlab How about FaunaDB (https://fauna.com)?I haven't used it myself, but seen it in a few tutorials/examples.
    @grittoa thanks! 5GB with free plan is a good deal. I hope they have a nice examples.
    @Idosun_twitter Perhaps JSON Web Tokens might do this for you.(https://www.netlify.com/docs/visitor-access-control/#role-based-access-controls-with-jwt-tokens)
    Olivier Depiesse
    Hello guys ! I need advice for choosing an Open Source self hosted headless CMS, we are planning to build a website similar to : https://www.bestproducts.com/. I've already seen some interesting CMS, like Strapi, Cockpit or Directus. Do you have any advices you can share ? Thank you
    Franco Arza
    I'd like to start a JAMStack local community on my city, is there a how-to, forms, something, where can I start?
    I've hosted some meetups in the past but would like to have them be about a specific topic, and endorsed by a worldwide community
    Hi @arzafran we are working on refining this process, but for now, you should get started by emailing community@netlify.com I'm the community manager and Netlify and I'll talk through this with you. Be sure to mention where you live :)
    Hi all, I'm working for an education company in Beijing, and I'm trying to solve a problem about student data. Currently all scheduling and student data is handled through a complex series of linked Google spreadsheets, and I'm thinking it wouldn't be too hard to roll out some sort of web app to interact with the data (almost anything would be better than spreadsheets). My question is, what would be a "Jamstack-y" way to store all that data? I know the traditional, straightforward way would be just to stick it in a database. I have some experience setting up a simple blog with hugo (you can see it at josleyn.com), but I don't quite see how it might work for large numbers of students. Does anyone have any suggestions to offer?
    Nicolas Goutay
    @arzafran Hi Franco! I started the Paris JAMstack meetup a few months back, if you have any questions (topics, logistics, merch, etc…) you can send them my way :)
    @olBlueEyes I assume (https://gohugo.io/templates/data-templates/) doesn't meet your needs?
    Dan Christian
    I am trying to find some examples of the types of application that wouldn't suit being statically generated but I can't find much out there. Could anyone help me or point me in a better direction?
    Mark Hughes (happybeing/theWebalyst)
    @danchristian that's a good question and not obvious to me because you can mix static generated sites and dynamic content, especially with Solid where there is a clean separation between data and storage, and where the server is used only for storage (not application logic). So I'm tempted to answer that all types of application would be suitable for static generation on Solid, which is why I'm exploring this with React-static. Only early days so far, but I think it is a good way to go. Are you looking at something specific?
    Dan Christian
    Obviosuly a blog is a good example of when to use it and something like Facebook is a bad example. But there is a ton of stuff in the middle that I am having a hard time finding out when it is and isn't a good idea. For example, a medium size SASS application that is infrequently accessed.
    Kevin Doocey
    @danchristian You can always 'mix & match' in terms of usage. The whole site doesn't have to entirely commit to JAMStack methodology, (although it can serve a huge amount of purposes). More transactional applications are probably better suited to a more dynamic setup in most cases of course.
    Dan Christian
    Hmm, but you would need to make a decison at the start if the applicaiton is Isomorphic (SSR) or if it's static (JAMstack) as this would determine how it's built. At least in Nuxt.js anyway
    Mark Hughes (happybeing/theWebalyst)
    Oops! @danchristian my apologies, I thought this was the Solid gitter chat, so my answer doesn't apply outside there!
    Kai Hendry
    Hi there, is there a way to do fine grained access to say AWS resources on the JAM stack? I have a project https://github.com/kaihendry/vue-aws but I don't think it's possible
    Quinn Comendant
    Can anyone recommend a API service to add a forum to a static site? Ideally which supports displaying ads alongside the forum discussions. I have a client with a static site, and they want to add community functionality to increase engagement. I checked https://github.com/automata/awesome-jamstack but there isn't anything listed there.
    @com_twitter What are the requirements, if its just to add discussions, suggest discus, if they need to start a new post/page well, that gets a bit more tricky.
    Quinn Comendant
    @jacebenson The client I'm working with wants a forum where users can create new topics, so yes it would allow starting new "posts". Ideally, something like a SaaS-hosted version of a Discourse API and we can integrate a 100% javascript client interface. I don't know if Discourse has an API or anyone offers a SaaS version of it, but it's the level of community integration we're looking for.
    Aiden Jaeyun Lee

    Hi everyone, I hope you're having a good start to your week. If you don't know me, my name is Perry, I work for Netlify, and I'm currently in the process of building out Netlify's first ever forum! It's not open to the public yet, as we are currently still beta testing things, but when it is, it'll be a fantastic resource to get your technical questions answered and also to connect with likeminded people, make some new friends, hear about new resources and meetups, that kind of thing.

    If this sounds exciting to you - I'd love to add you to our list of people who are getting sneak previews to our community. Ping me here or send me a note to perry@netlify.com and I'll get you added! See you around soon.

    Bruno Aderaldo
    Generally, how much does a front end developer junior working just JAMStack earn?
    Kevin Doocey
    @BrunoAderaldo As much as they can negotiate for.
    Maya Shavin
    @PerrySetGo I'd love to join :) Be using Netlify and love it so far :)
    Markos Dimitsas
    Hello static people. I deployed a site using netlify, the academic theme and cms, but the invite link to create a password for an admin doesnt work. Any ideas?
    Also does chatting here register as activity on github? :P
    Hi everybody - it's Perry again. I just want to let you all that community.netlify.com is open for business and we are getting busy helping people with their Netlify and JAMstack questions there. You can create an account from scratch, or just use your Netlify account to create an account via SSO. Excited to see you there!
    Roseanna Mcfarlane
    Daan van Rasmhorst
    Hi, I am not sure if JAMstack is the thing I should use for my project. I am working on a map. The map is made used Mapbox, the website lives on Github and Github pages. My use-case is to load, edit and save from the client side to the server side in JSON. would this easily be possible?
    Daan van Rasmhorst
    how should I go about it?
    Nathan Thompson
    Hey all, just wanted to share this article. We took Ghost CMS, made it headless, deployed on Netlify and created weekly content updates for readers. We're big fans of the JAMstack and this was just this week's experiment: https://snipcart.com/blog/ghost-demo-weekly-newsletter
    Hi! I'd like to support a JamStack meetup group/site here in Washington DC. How do I get started?
    @russdanner_gitlab - you should email me at perry@netlify.com :)
    Ashok Bakthavathsalam
    @PerrySetGo I would like to do set up a JamStack meetup at Coimbatore, India. How do I get started?
    JAMstack Boston

    Hi all! Just curious what kind of topics you've covered at your meetups? Which topics brought the most interest/least interest? Here's some we've had at the JAMstack Boston meetup so far:

    Thank you!

    Bolaji Ayodeji
    Anyone know of a static site framework that can link to an apollo graphql server?
    @JAMstackBoston_twitter i would love it if you also brought that conversation to the https://community.netlify.com/c/connect/jamstack-meetup board :)