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    Dan Christian
    Hmm, but you would need to make a decison at the start if the applicaiton is Isomorphic (SSR) or if it's static (JAMstack) as this would determine how it's built. At least in Nuxt.js anyway
    Mark Hughes (happybeing/theWebalyst)
    Oops! @danchristian my apologies, I thought this was the Solid gitter chat, so my answer doesn't apply outside there!
    Kai Hendry
    Hi there, is there a way to do fine grained access to say AWS resources on the JAM stack? I have a project https://github.com/kaihendry/vue-aws but I don't think it's possible
    Quinn Comendant
    Can anyone recommend a API service to add a forum to a static site? Ideally which supports displaying ads alongside the forum discussions. I have a client with a static site, and they want to add community functionality to increase engagement. I checked https://github.com/automata/awesome-jamstack but there isn't anything listed there.
    @com_twitter What are the requirements, if its just to add discussions, suggest discus, if they need to start a new post/page well, that gets a bit more tricky.
    Quinn Comendant
    @jacebenson The client I'm working with wants a forum where users can create new topics, so yes it would allow starting new "posts". Ideally, something like a SaaS-hosted version of a Discourse API and we can integrate a 100% javascript client interface. I don't know if Discourse has an API or anyone offers a SaaS version of it, but it's the level of community integration we're looking for.
    Aiden Jaeyun Lee

    Hi everyone, I hope you're having a good start to your week. If you don't know me, my name is Perry, I work for Netlify, and I'm currently in the process of building out Netlify's first ever forum! It's not open to the public yet, as we are currently still beta testing things, but when it is, it'll be a fantastic resource to get your technical questions answered and also to connect with likeminded people, make some new friends, hear about new resources and meetups, that kind of thing.

    If this sounds exciting to you - I'd love to add you to our list of people who are getting sneak previews to our community. Ping me here or send me a note to perry@netlify.com and I'll get you added! See you around soon.

    Bruno Aderaldo
    Generally, how much does a front end developer junior working just JAMStack earn?
    Kevin Doocey
    @BrunoAderaldo As much as they can negotiate for.
    Maya Shavin
    @PerrySetGo I'd love to join :) Be using Netlify and love it so far :)
    Markos Dimitsas
    Hello static people. I deployed a site using netlify, the academic theme and cms, but the invite link to create a password for an admin doesnt work. Any ideas?
    Also does chatting here register as activity on github? :P
    Hi everybody - it's Perry again. I just want to let you all that community.netlify.com is open for business and we are getting busy helping people with their Netlify and JAMstack questions there. You can create an account from scratch, or just use your Netlify account to create an account via SSO. Excited to see you there!
    Roseanna Mcfarlane
    Daan van Rasmhorst
    Hi, I am not sure if JAMstack is the thing I should use for my project. I am working on a map. The map is made used Mapbox, the website lives on Github and Github pages. My use-case is to load, edit and save from the client side to the server side in JSON. would this easily be possible?
    Daan van Rasmhorst
    how should I go about it?
    Nathan Thompson
    Hey all, just wanted to share this article. We took Ghost CMS, made it headless, deployed on Netlify and created weekly content updates for readers. We're big fans of the JAMstack and this was just this week's experiment: https://snipcart.com/blog/ghost-demo-weekly-newsletter
    Hi! I'd like to support a JamStack meetup group/site here in Washington DC. How do I get started?
    @russdanner_gitlab - you should email me at perry@netlify.com :)
    Ashok Bakthavathsalam
    @PerrySetGo I would like to do set up a JamStack meetup at Coimbatore, India. How do I get started?
    JAMstack Boston

    Hi all! Just curious what kind of topics you've covered at your meetups? Which topics brought the most interest/least interest? Here's some we've had at the JAMstack Boston meetup so far:

    Thank you!

    Bolaji Ayodeji
    Anyone know of a static site framework that can link to an apollo graphql server?
    @JAMstackBoston_twitter i would love it if you also brought that conversation to the https://community.netlify.com/c/connect/jamstack-meetup board :)
    Hello @NatePDThompson_twitter, your work looks nice. How do you add content to Ghost?
    how do you guys handle push notifications in a JAM setup?
    is something like Firebase's FCM solution a valid approach?
    Luiz Bueno

    Hi JAMstack community. I'm new here and i would submit my example site on jamstack.org website, but i'm not able to create a new brach on website repository, to make a pull request. Whats the best way to submit my example site on jamstack.org repository?

    Thanks for help and support.

    Mario Ruiz
    Hi, is lambda function term the same as Cloud Functions or Functions as a Service (FaaS) ?
    Mario Ruiz
    @web20opensource hopefully someone answer your question ...
    Mathieu Dionne
    Hi folks! Our leads dev & marketing at Snipcart were invited on the Static Bits podcast to discuss the JAMstack & e-commerce. Here are the audio clip and full transcript to this broad conversation: https://snipcart.com/jamstack-ecommerce-podcast
    Queye Haach
    Hi all. I've been building PWAs with Firebase_CLI, Javascript and HTML5 for enabling people with mobile devices on law bandwidth (Developing world). However I just found 'jamstacks', is this a suitable technology stack for serving content in the developing world?
    Jan-T. Brinkmann

    @QueyeHaach sounds like your use case is well suited for JAMstack, so far. You would benefit from faster load times, better caching and (depending on your CDN provider) more local servers. By having an explicit build step, you might find it easier to pack, minify and compress your assets better (if you're not using something like webpack already).

    You might want to go serverless from there: firebase can be used serverlessly by using Netlify Functions or other FaaS providers, so you'd have to adapt your code if you wanna go serverless. If you do not want, you can keep running your own API server for the database stuff via Firebase CLI, though.

    Queye Haach
    @JTBrinkmann Thank you for the great answer +1
    Queye Haach
    @automata The logo on your website holding page is so cool, it seems Minecrafty ... if you were on hallucinogens
    Nick Ham
    I made a site manager (https://nifty-site-manager.com). I have had it added to staticgen.com, any suggestions on good ways to find potential users? Or people who might write tools with and/or for nsm?
    Mark Hughes (happybeing/theWebalyst)
    @n-ham_gitlab just had a quick read so hope you are open to feedback. For me it was hard to understand what nsm is or does, and I still only have the gist. I didn't realise it was a CLI tool until I got to the bottom of a very long page. There's a lot to read there, and I think it could be simpler and clearer. 'site manager' is too vague for me to know what it is for or does, and as I say I'm still not clear if it would be useful to me, and I do for your target audience according to your description. Hope that's helpful, it sounds like you have built a useful tool, so I'm interested to understand it. I only looked at the Web page BTW.
    Nick Ham
    @theWebalyst any/all feedback is welcome and appreciated! I had hoped that git-like might give away that it is a command line tool, however I have had a few people suggest it's hard to understand there, so have added that it is a command-line tool to the about at the start, and added "You can clone repositories from code sharing sites like BitBucket, GitHub and GitLab using nsm clone repo-url, build (updated) pages locally using nsm build-updated, then build, commit and push changes online once you are happy using nsm bcp "commit message".". The template files section of the documentation gives a pretty good idea of how to set up a template for various different pages, the the content files section outlines what can be done in content files (on top of using anything like html/css/js/jquery/php/etc. of course). Nsm commands section of documentation outlines the command-line usage of nsm, and installation instructions are in the docs too which is pretty straightforward (download/clone repo, make and make windows/osx/linux-install).
    Mark Hughes (happybeing/theWebalyst)
    Glad my comments were helpful. I'll take another look.
    eche ngbede
    Hi, am from Nigeria, thinking
    Thinking of starting a JAMstack meet-up on my local community, what are the step involves
    Nick Ham
    Eche: I'm not officially involved, but can't hurt to book somewhere, make some posters to post on notice boards at local education centres/schools/unis, email out about it, then just get anyone interested to play with whatever they want to and see what they can achieve/learn. There's a bunch of static site managers listed at staticgen.com also https://gitlab.com/pages. My own site manager nifty-site-manager.com might be something people at the level you are targeting can successfully get running on their operating system of choice and help them learn some of the basics of web development, including hosting on somewhere like BitBucket/GitHub/GitLab, or using netlify which is good for custom domains as they do auto updating Let's encrypt certificates..
    Joshua Montross
    @olBlueEyes - check out canvaslms
    Guy Romelle Magayano
    So last June 15th PST (Philippine Standard Time) I together with our very own Davao JS Community conducted a mini geekup about JAMstack. I was one of the speakers (i am the guy from the left) who discussed a topic entitled Intro to JAMstack. :)
    @Eche24 hey man. we already started our own meetups for JAMstack. @n-ham_gitlab suggestions might help.
    Carles Alcolea
    What would be good transition, painless as possible, from a backend node+express+sql MVC stack to a more jamstackified one?
    Amandeep Singh
    on similar lines to @nmaxcom question above, if the above use case of a classic Node Application includes Routes that only need to show when user is authenticated, say the account details page, how do we ensure using JAMstack that the page redirects to login page when a request to accounts route is made in a non-single page app? Do we already have a good resouce(s) on same? Help appreciated
    Nathan Thompson

    Stackbit was released as the JAMstack conf. in London! here's an intro piece on it: https://snipcart.com/blog/stackbit

    The platform basically bundles all your tools together in minutes saving tons of time. It's a really, really practical tool.