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Mar 2016
Mar 10 2016 15:08

I'm sorry guys, but I'm leaving.

Making a video game means constant work. Not even lots of work, but constant work.
Being able to work regularly is the most important part here, no matter how slow the actual output might be.

Nobody asks you to work on this 24/7, especially since we all have a job or are studying on top of all that. But you have to compensate for that in being active at least once a week.

You guys couldn't even manage to come to a meeting we arranged TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE!

I will work on something of my own. Even if my programing or graphics talents are limited, at least I know I can work regularly on it.

Good luck to you all.

Mar 10 2016 16:32
I'm out to. Lack of direction is to frustrating. Good Luck all