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Mar 2015
David Barri
Mar 19 2015 05:40
Well all the options for generating a site with ease suck. I've wasted nearly a full day dealing with problem after problem. I ended up going with offline Gitbook & a custom workflow.
The book contents are in doc/ on the master branch and if you run bin/gitbook-serve you can (offline) edit markdown and view it rendered with auto-refresh (like Haoyi's workspace plugin).
Then to publish I merge master into gh-pages and run a script I've put there to generate the proper site.
Mostly of interest to you @ochrons
Otto Chrons
Mar 19 2015 06:19
yea, I briefly looked at it earlier and the publishing looked a bit complex, so thanks for figuring it out :)
David Barri
Mar 19 2015 23:09
Look at me workarounding the JS dependency problems we were talking about the other day. PlatformJs.scala + update script
Embed all the things! Scala.JS will use DCE to remove what we don't use anyway... Certainly one way of doing it! /cc @ochrons