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Jun 2015
David Barri
Jun 12 2015 08:04
@matthughes @ochrons Yeah there's a small mention in the docs about auto-switching between dev/prod settings -
Of course you can always just import one or the other directly :) Or just use SBT to generate a file with a setting in it.
Hey there are two open issues #47 #48 that I really think could benefit from more voices. Please drop in if you're interested.
David Barri
Jun 12 2015 08:09
Also, 0.3.0 will be coming out at some point this month (basically just depending on how demanding my work & personal life are - nothing technical). Let me know if there's anything that you'd really like or anything that really pisses you off (impossible right?) about the way things currently are.
Otto Chrons
Jun 12 2015 08:23
how about a minor update in the meantime, just to address the dependency to old scalajs-react
not that it breaks anything, but just a minor annoyance when building
Chandra Sekhar Kode
Jun 12 2015 08:30
i want #45 :p
Matt Hughes
Jun 12 2015 18:03

Trying to figure out how to hide/show children on :hover. Component looks something like:

  div("some content"),
  div(, "Some other content")

I want to hide/show the second div when the tr is hovered. Regular CSS would look something like: {
  visibility: hidden;
} {
  visibility: show;

But I can't figure out how you could do that with straight ScalaCSS (aka, no unsafe methods). Ideas?

I was hoping styleC would help but don’t think so.
Matt Hughes
Jun 12 2015 19:45
@japgolly In response to your styleC poll earlier, I do use it. But it’s been more of an experiment than anything. I’m not a huge fan of the syntax. However, I do like how it provides a new namespace just for that style.