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Jun 2015
Chad Retz
Jun 14 2015 03:16

How might one right one write this?

@media screen and (-webkit-custom-prefix-not-yet-typed:0) {
    #foo {
        background: none;

I cannot find a way to make custom media queries...and regular strings are treated like selectors meaning they get combined instead of completely nested.

David Barri
Jun 14 2015 09:59
@ochrons I don't really have the time but you know what? I'm going to guess you're using SBT ≤ 0.13.7? If so, try upgrading to 0.13.8. With that version, you only get that eviction notice once on SBT startup then never again until you exit and restart it.
Otto Chrons
Jun 14 2015 10:00
I think I'm using 0.13.8, but like I said, no big issue
David Barri
Jun 14 2015 10:04
@chandu0101 I haven't gotten around to looking at #45, it looks like it might contradict a change that @matthughes made about pseudo elements vs classes. In which case if you two could have a look? I wouldn't want to fix #45 only to accidently break something @matthughes is on :)
@matthughes Woah cool that someone else does :P Thanks for letting me know. The syntax and effort turned me off despite it actually solving its problem.
Chandra Sekhar Kode
Jun 14 2015 10:14
@japgolly cool okay :)