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Jun 2015
Yuriy Badalyantc
Jun 19 2015 07:59
Hi everybody.
Is there anyone who use scalacss in production? Is it stable enough? And what pros and cons against classic css preprocessors like less or sass?
Otto Chrons
Jun 19 2015 08:15
it's good for modularization
bad for designers :)
Yuriy Badalyantc
Jun 19 2015 08:16
we don't have a designers who write css
what about comparison between scalacss and css preprocessors?
Otto Chrons
Jun 19 2015 08:23
LESS etc. is still quite separate from code and you must use class name strings
Yuriy Badalyantc
Jun 19 2015 08:39
yes, this part of scalacss is pretty impressive. But I wonder is scalacss really gives some advantages against css preprocessors? I mean what benefits I will have from scalacss on big project? Less is good enough in modularization and it has some advanced features like extend and very comfort nesting. In scalacss nesting is quite strange for me.
N.S. Cutler
Jun 19 2015 08:47
I've been using coffeescript and less for a few years with GruntJS, the inertia is strong; I too am looking for the real-world benefits of moving to Scala.css/Scala.js. For existing projects (where a large rewrite is required) I'd say switching is a no-op, but for new projects, the type safe approach is very, very appealing.
Yuriy Badalyantc
Jun 19 2015 09:12
scalajs is cool and production ready, but I'm not sure about scalacss, that's why I'm asking
Chandra Sekhar Kode
Jun 19 2015 12:18
to be honest scalacss is not stress tested , most of the features work. you may find minor hiccups here and there . So answer is, its not production ready at the moment but it will be in a release or two .
if possible be a part of Future CSS (type safe and modular) ,start using it now , report issues when you find em :)
Caution : its my personal opinion!