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Jun 2015
David Barri
Jun 20 2015 07:02
@LMnet Sure, ScalaCSS is production ready. From a prod standpoint, all it does is generate CSS. :D
If you compare it to other css preprocessors, the only real advantages are 1) It's in Scala which is cool if you like Scala and/or want to write your own preprocessing functions. 2) Automatic browser prefixes for css keys/values.
If you're using inline-stylehsheets the advantages are many, many, many. The feature list (and project requirements) in the ScalaCSS online doc tells the beginning of the story and it will only get better.
ScalaCSS 0.3.0 released. -- changelog
Otto Chrons
Jun 20 2015 07:32
btw, in the changelog you have
val header = style(display.block)
AdminPage-abc        { display: block }
header != abc
David Barri
Jun 20 2015 09:01
Thanks @ochrons. Fixed.
N.S. Cutler
Jun 20 2015 10:22