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Feb 2016
Roberto Leibman
Feb 25 2016 00:55
Speaking of compiling... this used to work:
    fontFamily := "Roboto, sans-serif"),
what has fontFamily been replaced with?
I get:
method := in class DslAttrT is deprecated: Using := bypasses the type-safety of a typed attribute. Use the attribute's methods for type-safety, or :=! to bypass without warning.
Roberto Leibman
Feb 25 2016 01:09
So I can't juts say "sans-serif"?
I already have this in my html:
    rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
So all I want to say is "use Roboto, or sans-serif if it isn't available"
Roberto Leibman
Feb 25 2016 01:15
I.O.W. I dont have a src
Roberto Leibman
Feb 25 2016 18:30
So... from yesterdays question... I already have a Roboto font loaded through the link in my html, what do I put in for my source in fontFace("Roboto")(_.src(""))
And how do I tell it to default to sans-serif? And most importantly... how do I use a font that I KNOW is available (such as the typical "Arial" or "sans-serif") without having to use a fontFace attribute that requires a src?