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Jan 2017
Jan 04 2017 20:37
I have something like this: .btn-breadcrumb .btn:not(:last-child):before
How would you translate this using pseudo selectors?
Because &.btn.not(_.last-child).before is not working due to the btn at the start.
Jan 04 2017 20:48
So somehow you have to link to two classes with scalacss
I know you can define multiple classes with addClassName() but not how you can add the pseudo selectors to one of them.
Edmund Noble
Jan 04 2017 22:49
@milanvdmria Are you using inline styles?
It sounds like what you're doing will be easier to integrate with standalone styles.
Inline styles is closer to "let scalacss generate and manage my css classes so I don't ever have to care about CSS ever again"
Whereas standalone styles is "let me write what is basically type-safe CSS"