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Jun 2017
Jun 30 2017 22:24
Is anyone else running into this with latest scalajs-react?
Symbol 'type japgolly.scalajs.react.ReactElement' is missing from the classpath.
[error] This symbol is required by 'method scalacss.ScalaCssReactImplicits.cssReactElementRenderer'.
[error] Make sure that type ReactElement is in your classpath and check for conflicting dependencies with `-Ylog-classpath`.
[error] A full rebuild may help if 'ScalaCssReactImplicits.class' was compiled against an incompatible version of japgolly.scalajs.react.
[error] object MyStyles extends StyleSheet.Inline {
[error]                         ^
[error] C:\Users\mlee\Pantheon\cluster\olympus\client\src\main\scala\com\hydracorps\shield\client\ShieldClient.scala:26: could not find implicit value for parameter s: scalacss.internal.Renderer[org.scalajs.dom.raw.HTMLStyleElement]
[error]         MyStyles.addToDocument()