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Jason R. Coombs
mitya57: I’ve added you as collaborator on the keyring project. Do let me know if that doesn’t give you access to close #236. I’d like you to feel free to commit/approve/release issues relating to Linux.
Dmitry Shachnev
Looks like I can close the issues. Thanks!
Hans-Peter Jansen
jaraco: here's the first cut on a decent encrypted file backend: https://github.com/frispete/keyrings.cryptfile
I would be glad, if you could look on the namespace stuff
I'm using local file and file_base modules for now - will fix that later on
While at it, I've tried to cope with the base64.{de,en}codestring deprecation - how would you handle this?
Jason R. Coombs
Grr. I just typed up a message and because I was offline, Gitter discarded it.
Basically, the namespace stuff looks fine as does the base64 compatibility fallback.
You may want to consider removing the ‘wheel’ stuff from setup.py as well, as that’s what I’ve done in my project skeleton (which will update my projects as they get new releases).
Hans-Peter Jansen
jaraco: Thanks, done that now.
Hans-Peter Jansen
Hi jaraco, may I kindly ask you to look into an testing issue of my code? Altrough I call a method explicitely here https://github.com/frispete/keyrings.cryptfile/blob/master/tests/test_cryptfile.py#L38, the code is marked as not covered?!?
testing with: pytest -v --cov-config .coveragerc --cov-report term-missing --cov=keyrings/cryptfile
Name Stmts Miss Cover Missing
keyrings/cryptfile/cryptfile.py 84 18 79% 140-164, 173-180
_check_file calls _check_scheme and _check_version (if that wouldn't work, the complete machinery would fail..)
Jason R. Coombs
@frispete: Nothing jumps out at me immediately. Maybe add a pdb.set_trace() at the code that’s apparently not being covered to determine if it’s indeed being called?
Hans-Peter Jansen
found and fixed it... The tests still clutter the /tmp dir. Will address this in a later revision.
Let me know, what you think about mergability and if this moves in the right direction
Dmitry Shachnev
@jaraco I fixed the TypeError in keyring which made it unusable, hope you don’t mind.
Jason R. Coombs
@mitya57 I don’t mind. Thanks.
I used the tuple(set()) syntax because I prefer to assign variables in as few places as possible, but your fix is fine. Care to tag 10.3.1 (annotated) to cut the release?
Dmitry Shachnev
Jason R. Coombs
Awesome. Thanks!
Thomas Grainger
are there any considerations for multiprocessing
eg should I use a FileLock when accessing a credential?
eg I want to get_or_create a secret
@jaraco oh wow this room's been unused since 2017, is there another forum I can use?
Jason R. Coombs
Hi @graingert. This room is still the best place for real-time collaboration, though I rarely have the bandwidth to respond in real-time, so your best bet is probably Github issues for most things. Thanks for your patience.