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Aug 2016
Aug 11 2016 11:45

Hi everyone.
I have 2 questions since im looking for a CMS that is based on Symfony.

  • Why use Propel and not Doctrine (that is native to Symfony)
    -- A developer at my work says it pollutes the entity with database logics

  • Can you make custom "modules" like for example a image/photo library / portfolio

Marc J. Schmidt
Aug 11 2016 13:47
@rickerd Propel is faster in execution time and time2web. There's no such thing as modules, extending Jarves means extending Symfony. Everything is a bundle. See jarves/PublicationBundle for insights.
"pollutes the entity with database logics" Nobody cares actually, as long as you don't use strict DDD, which is mostly just waste of time and money. You can write perfectly fine unit tests and abstractions with Propel.