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May 2017
Julio Borja Barra
May 05 2017 10:27

I'm trying to get the firebase web client to work for messaging. I was requested to serve firebase-messaging-sw.js which didn't come in the firebase bundle (installed with bower).
I downloaded the code for the webworker (firebase-messaging-sw.js) and served it at mylocaldomain:mylocalport/firebase-messaging-sw.js as requested.
But now I'm getting an error:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <

But there's no < character in the file.
The file starts with:

// Import and configure the Firebase SDK
// These scripts are made available when the app is served or deployed on Firebase Hosting
// If you do not serve/host your project using Firebase Hosting see
Julio Borja Barra
May 05 2017 10:33
ohhhh shit, I think I'm importing the wrong file