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Mar 2014
i am having a sub nav using a block, do i really need to create a new block for every page i want this nav on, or can i re-use existing blocks?
Johnny Broadway
Mar 25 2014 13:51
A block will appear across multiple pages by default, like this: {! blocks/my-block-id !} That will always display the my-block-id block.

If you set it up like this instead:

{! blocks/index?id=sidebar-[id]&fallback=sidebar !}

Then on the about page, Elefant would first look for the block sidebar-about and if that’s not found, it will call up the sidebar block and show that.

That way you can have one that works across several pages, but still have the ability to customize the block per page when needed.

Mar 25 2014 16:47
I am adding extra field 'category' on custom field blog post, can postsfeed handler displays only spesific 'category' ?
thanx, again