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Apr 2014
Johnny Broadway
Apr 03 2014 17:02

Hey @z31nf0rd, sorry I took forever on this one. Been a crazy stressful week (that will lead to some positive announcements soon!). The idea I had didn’t quite work out without more work, so I added an option to the postsfeed handler to show only posts with a certain tag. So now you can use tags to setup different blog categories.

If you don’t want the tags to show on posts, you can also hide them via css like this:

.blog-tags { display: none; }

Hope that works as a solution for you. It’s much simpler than the other idea I had, which would have involved making more of a little app out of it… :)

Johnny Broadway
Apr 03 2014 17:14

@xmory Elefant doesn’t have a whitelist/blacklist feature in Model yet (although I’m open to adding one), just the $verify property to set validation rules.

Maybe using the $fields list to provide a full list of available fields and adding a new $limit_fields = true property would work? And should we also think about read-only vs writeable properties?