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Jun 2014
Johnny Broadway
Jun 16 2014 00:24
@loosebruce The AllowOverride directive has to go in the Apache config files, yes. Since it determines what’s allowed in .htaccess files, it’s not allowed in them itself.
Johnny Broadway
Jun 16 2014 00:44

@evan70 I realized I wasn’t calling the admin/util/dates helper in the event details, so I just added that. You should be able to change the formatting of $i18n->time_format in a bootstrap.php file in your site root and it should change. For example:

<?php $i18n->time_format = ‘HH:MM’; ?>

The formatting for the Javascript plugin is here:

Jun 16 2014 19:08
Thank you JB, i tried your latest events version and everythig i OK now, awesome :)
Johnny Broadway
Jun 16 2014 19:40
Glad to hear! :)