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Jun 2015
Jun 29 2015 13:48
Thanks - I'll gove it a try. Would you happen to know what I would need to do to use my own signup page at a later date (as I plan to)? I tried changing the /user/signup to a different handler (as well as Off) in the user/conf/config.php without any luck (is this from the old elefant 1.3?). Thanks.
Jun 29 2015 14:00
*give it a try.
Johnny Broadway
Jun 29 2015 15:31
The routes.php change can disable access to that URL, but you can also disable it in the user app settings by changing the user/signup handler to Off.
If you're using the command line, and using our master branch, you can do it with this command:
./elefant appconf "user.Custom Handlers.user/signup" 0
This doesn't edit the config.php in the user app, but rather creates a file named conf/app.user.config.php that Elefant uses to override the defaults from the app itself. That way the original source files don't get modified, which keeps things clean for future updates :)