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Jul 2015
Jul 08 2015 03:15
Preliminary UX for the routes config editing resource Screenshot
Would this be an appropriate way to determine the ELEFANT_ENV usage for core elefant configs?
 * Checks against conditions to figure out the appropriate
 * config file path to use.

function conf_env_path ($label) {
    if (conf('Paths',$label) && conf('Paths',$label) !== 'conf/'. $label. '.php') 
        return conf('Paths',$label);
    elseif (defined ('ELEFANT_ENV')/* && ELEFANT_ENV !== 'config'*/)
        return 'conf/'. $label .'.'. ELEFANT_ENV .'.php';
    else return 'conf/'. $label.'.php';
Jul 08 2015 03:41
Also wondering if there should be a blacklist of resources or not.
Jul 08 2015 05:30
On a different note, what is the convention for apps to use the #prefix# for schemas?