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Jul 2015
Johnny Broadway
Jul 14 2015 17:08
@BronyBorn can you show me an example of where conf_env_path would be used?
The #prefix# convention is just used at the start of the table names, to avoid clashing names with other apps in the same database. Generally I like to give separate apps their own databases, but not everyone will follow that.
Esp. on shared hosts...
Also, what do you mean by a blacklist of resources? Just getting back into things after 5 days of camping, so the brain is a little slow :P
Jul 14 2015 18:48

conf_env_path usages are seen in #262. There is one use per php file shown on the changes tab.

So for the prefix, should all apps for elefant implement it for their schema?

(#262) Blacklist as in URIs that users should not be able to add via routes editor (only via ftp access to the config file). I'm apathetic to the idea either way, but I just wanted to know what you think of the idea and whether something like that should be implemented.

Johnny Broadway
Jul 14 2015 19:19
Ah I see what you mean now. Yes, each app should use #prefix# on tables (although I may not have updated some of the older apps).
I don't know that a blacklist is necessary. If they're given access to that admin screen, then the system is pretty trusting of that user already. The only use I really see is preventing improper routes from being routed to, which is more a validation issue than a blacklist one.