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Sep 2015
Johnny Broadway
Sep 22 2015 03:19
@atamashi I'm afraid I'm not too current with Arvixe these days. You probably have to talk to their support.
Johnny Broadway
Sep 22 2015 14:08

Hi @xmory! The crud-app command is meant to generate a starting point that you would then customize. It can definitely use more features, but it's always just a starting point. I'd be happy to see your theme feature as well :)

The trouble with loading JS files to the bottom of the page by default is it can affect the loading order, and some files are required to be included before inline code references them. I would have to test which can be moved to the tail and add the second parameter to do so.

For navigation, a while back I tried to make the navigation classes (Navigation and Link) more flexible so its easier to generate custom navigation handlers as needed. The defaults are fairly simple and can't solve all possible navigation needs, but I've usually gotten around that by adding a surrounding <div id="nav"></div> and styling based on that. Of course, that may not work with all CSS frameworks, but then a custom handler should be able to work.
Johnny Broadway
Sep 22 2015 14:14
For example, the code in the Link class usage example is almost identical to the navigation/top handler, so you can see it's fairly straightforward.
Nelson Sheyim Atamashi Restrepo Jurado
Sep 22 2015 23:29
in adminer when using postgresql first, which is the user name and password?