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Sep 2015
Johnny Broadway
Sep 24 2015 19:52

Hi @atamashi, I appreciate the feedback. I don't test with Windows often because I use a Mac as my desktop and Linux on our servers. So it makes it harder to help or debug. I'm currently looking at building a Windows machine though so that may change soon :)

One thing that may help is using Vagrant to manage your development environment. You can run a virtual copy of Linux on your desktop to host the website very easily with Vagrant, and it also has the benefit that you can have the same OS and configuration for development that you would have on your live server.

It sounds like the issue with logging in has to do with the host name. For security reasons, Elefant requires a valid host name that's not 'localhost' and is not just an IP address to set a session cookie, so you would need to create an alias such as in your hosts file.