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Jan 2016
Joost Cassee
Jan 14 2016 10:43 UTC
Alright, I'm back! So the version numbers. So @bittner, do you think we should release a major version every time we drop support for a Django version (which is not unreasonable after the end of extended support)? I worry that we will start racking up the numbers.
Peter Bittner
Jan 14 2016 13:01 UTC
@jcassee I know. We need to find an appropriate reasoning. Either we stick to SemVer (with some specific reasoning for edge cases) or we have to say why. We could say dropping support for obsolete versions is not a change of the API. Then we're safe.
I've seen much worse cases. Zinnia blog, for example, had a fatal change of the API: "zinnia_tags" was renamed to "zinnia", the template tags. All projects having modified templates basing on Zinnia stopped working (see StackOverflow). That was an API change, and Fantomas only made a new micro version. This should not happen with us.
Peter Bittner
Jan 14 2016 13:07 UTC
... but that wouldn't be that case with dropping support.