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Oct 2016
Nadal Gonzalo García Zavala
Oct 24 2016 20:22
So, i made the php code look more like the JS example.
Now, i have a doubt about the limits of PHP beign non-dynamic.
My version of the example uses html meta refresh to update the view.
¿How should be the reactive loop behavior here?
I let the model decide when to render or not the state on certain cases, breaking the loop:
I think i have the alternative option of say to the view the next event, modifying the meta refresh url, so the next refresh an event is trigered.
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Oct 24 2016 20:40
The request hits the action, but the response to the view comes from the state function which returns the state representation. Alternatively, you can also return the new view, but I think it's best to return the state representation.