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Feb 2016
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Feb 21 2016 00:00
I created a repository this morning to help people "get started with SAM"
I have also requested this content to be made available at:
Michael Solovyov
Feb 21 2016 01:00
Typo here
Firt SAM is reactive, while MVC is generally
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Feb 21 2016 03:07
yes, sorry, still experimenting with the template, I have not yet started to produce the final content or decided on a way to key in the content. Unfortunately GitHub does not support SAM ... yet. I can't create a model of my content...
Stardrive ENGG
Feb 21 2016 03:39

Nice to see the new site :+1:

Might be good to create a comparison table between SAM and other frameworks and how the reactive loop is sliced and diced? Here is an example of a useful table:

Jean-Jacques Dubray
Feb 21 2016 03:45
great idea, I have a framework section but will make sure I add a summary
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Feb 21 2016 21:54
Added some more content in the SAM intro:
Feedback is welcome
Somebody pointed to me this great post from Alex Schepanovski who rebuilt React with just a few lines of JQuery
I have also requested an intro to Dan from Chris Chedeau from the Facebook team (React Native).