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Mar 2016
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Mar 16 2016 01:40
Really the only thing holding back new language features is consensus. As quickly as people agree and implement the spec, there’s code to support it. It makes me wonder whether there will ever be another language like Javascript. It’s such a unique environment, where the implementations in the wild lag so far behind the spec, that it just invites new specs as quickly as the community can think of them.
Gunar Gessner
Mar 16 2016 02:04
Mar 16 2016 07:30
Mar 16 2016 07:33
This is some interesting vanillaish has front end architecture patterns
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Mar 16 2016 13:49
@brusand has built a TypeScript + ng sample which I added to the list:
thank you!