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Mar 2016
Gunar Gessner
Mar 27 2016 00:03
@foxdonut I am sorry and ashamed. I forgot to push my latest edits to Github. It's fixed now. Happy coding!
Fred Daoud
Mar 27 2016 00:15
@gunar ah, that was it! working great now, thanks! :thumbsup:
Gunar Gessner
Mar 27 2016 00:16
awesome! also, feel free to open issues on github to discuss anything.
Brent Arias
Mar 27 2016 01:13
I just read Dubray's InfoQ article. I have a lot to digest, but I'd like to ask up front if SAM has some relationship to HATEOAS of REST services? More precisely, does it play well with a HATEOAS strategy? Or is it an orthogonal topic that neither helps nor hinders a HATEOAS strategy?
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Mar 27 2016 02:24
yes completely orthogonal
Gunar Gessner
Mar 27 2016 02:28
@weepy you might want to take another look at it too