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Apr 2016
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Apr 20 2016 01:59
thank you, I am with a client today and we are discussing that very question. I believe it is a very general pain point
i think this article is about what we’ve been discussing here :cool:
David Fall
Apr 20 2016 05:09
1) I haven't looked over your sam-csp code yet, but I did take a look at the CSP article that you reference. You've certainly peeked my interest in Channels. They seem similar to Observables.
2) That SmartDraw article is also very relevant to discussions surrounding SAM especially when it comes to larger scale applications. That article was definitely an interesting read.
Apr 20 2016 06:12
@509dave16 great that you found them useful.

They seem similar to Observables.

ya, the difference i think is : channel is two-way communication