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Apr 2016
Apr 23 2016 00:44 UTC
@jdubray I agree with your opinion in React ecosystem that it does not fit well with a large architecture including the backend and meanwhile Redux is not wise enough. I was just complaining that React demo in the post. React is cool since we have huge problems in dealing the DOM and partly fixed with virtual DOM. The idea behind it, JSX, coming from XHP, is a long existing solution as template engines. So the MVC problems you were talking about, they were problems in Flux, Redux or GraphGL, not in React itself.
Apr 23 2016 01:10 UTC
hello Jean, I am just a beginner and I was delighted with the productivity promised by, which now has a GraphQL-based solution ( But after following the review of several software architects here I would love to learn how to develop software following the SAM Pattern. Is there any suggested way people actually beginners? Think of me as a beginner student, after all they are really new concept for me.
Apr 23 2016 02:09 UTC
@rafaellcustodio I am a beginner too, so I think is a place to start
And this chat room
Apr 23 2016 07:54 UTC
And sample code, first code the rocket sample in pure JavaScript ans after try to code sam architecture un the framework you want (or you can ;)) Me i use it with typescript and angular 1 and it s work well
This chat room is the better place to improve the next front end killer :)
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Apr 23 2016 10:52 UTC
@rafaellcustodio thank you for joining the discussion. All theses frameworks are truly amazing but as you mentioned, they are so opinionated that often the end up being something you fight with rather than something you can rely on.
SAM is just a pattern, as such it can be implemented in different ways, in particular a variety of wiring and architectures.
You may also check the SAFE middleware, a very thin standalone library that facilitates the implementation of SAM.
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Apr 23 2016 10:58 UTC
SAM's programming model is built around the mutation of application state, unlike other reactive frameworks we are not trying to hide the mutation.
Feel free to ask any question, and provide feedback (good or bad). We are not a cult, just trying to crack a very hard problem.
The key value proposition of SAM is a new articulation between Front-End architectures and back end APIs