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May 2016
devin ivy
May 04 2016 00:13
you're still going to effectively switch on proposal types or shapes. i would use something like the union-type library for proposals.
Jean-Jacques Dubray
May 04 2016 00:20
@HighOnDrive would you have some sample code, even rough to illustrate your point? I can't really see what you are proposing.
Jean-Jacques Dubray
May 04 2016 00:41

So to cancel an action you unsubscribe to an observable?

Q: Hi there! I was wondering how to cancel HTTP requests with the standard cycle.js HTTP driver.
A: ... observables that are unsubscribed from are responsible for cleaning up any underlying resources

Cycle.js has just introduced a nice new feature called "cancel an action for ever", ouch

Stardrive ENGG
May 04 2016 08:34

@jdubray The main point I was making is that the three aspects I listed need to be thought of together. Essentially a app is in some activated feature (each feature is encoded as a state in JSON and defines a plugin).

Then as events flow down through a sequence of reactive stages that are wired together (intent, action, update, view, etc) specific values in an encoded feature state are injected into the corresponding stage processor.

This injection serves to re-purpose the stages, re/assemble the app at runtime and streamlines the architecting and design of apps. It is very much a whole new approach to building apps compared to many other things I've seen that seem to only focus on one of the three listed aspects.

Presently I have engineered the solution and am building it. There is a fair about to it's comprehensive approach and in time the pattern of development it fosters might make for a good post or a repo.

I'm thinking that this kind of new paradigm is somewhat more than SAM and that it would take a while to educate as there is much to tell and I'm feeling quite short on time right now :worried:

Jean-Jacques Dubray
May 04 2016 12:26
sure, I think I can understand a bit better. Still hard to compare to SAM, though.
Stardrive ENGG
May 04 2016 16:31
Yes, anything else could NEVER compare to SAM :wink2: