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May 2016
Jean-Jacques Dubray
May 14 2016 16:24
If you are confused about the "Saga" pattern, this article provides a good list of links detailing what people mean by "Saga". Caitie's presentation is very clear albeit a bit long.
Roman NL
May 14 2016 18:45
@jdubray Which article? You mean the Yuki Kodama´s diagram?
That is rather scary, although I guess it tries to include most common use cases
Yes, I think Sagas are scary in that context. From my B2B/BPEL/WS-TX experience, Sagas are a reasonable model to achieve a consistent state in distributed system, but they there is no magic, the truth is that you have to write "smart compensating transactions" that keep the overall state clean. Here the Redux guys took a concept (JavaScript generators) and slapped a catchy name on it, but that's not "sagas" at least from the original form.
As I said before, the problem with Sagas is that they have "memory" they are stateful, individually. By contrast State Machine don't have any memory, they don't know how your reached a state, they just control what happens when you reach a state (automatic action).
Jean-Jacques Dubray
May 14 2016 19:07
So I'd expect that the complexity becomes impossible to manage once you have a few of these branches running concurrently, not to mention when they need to sync up with each other (that would be a killer).
I found that presentation very interesting, I believe it shows where the Redux community wants to go, they are trying to build an ELM like architecture. I understand better why they don't want to hear anything about SAM.