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Jun 2016
devin ivy
Jun 02 2016 03:07 UTC
i'm only joking :)
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jun 02 2016 12:13 UTC
@509dave16 congrats on your npm module ~2k installs
Jun 02 2016 13:06 UTC
Hi everyone. I'm actually trying to rewrite an app at my work using the SAM pattern. I'm actually struggling trying to separate it in multiples components (I'm using snabbdom for the views), but I found this article today that clarified a few things in my head and I thought it could help some people here... if there is people like me that didn't use react before and want an overview of a way of thinking without diving in react itself.
(even better, the article use snabbdom ^^)
Fred Daoud
Jun 02 2016 13:34 UTC
@jdubray which module is that?
@kelyak did you see the Snabbdom sample?
If you have specific questions, I and I am sure other people would be happy to help
David Fall
Jun 02 2016 14:54 UTC
@jdubray Thank you! I didn't think I would get that many downloads.
Jun 02 2016 15:39 UTC
@jdubray Sure, I saw it but it doesn't show how to handle an app separated in multiples components. The hard part after coming from angular is to find the different libraries (... and one of the hard part will be the routing :p)
I need to find how I can separate the module and how to make them communicate.
An interesting task but not that easy, angular was doing everything for me (at least until the applications grews and became painful to manage x) )
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jun 02 2016 16:23 UTC
Did you see the Angular/TypeScript sample?
What's is your architecture? where you do plan to run the SAM components (server/client/mix)?