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Jun 2016
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jun 18 2016 15:37
@/all slides for my presentation at NodePDX Monday. Any feedback welcome.
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Jun 18 2016 15:48
The message is:
modern GUIs are just a node in a complex distributed system
yet not much has changed since the days of Windows 3.1 (and NeXTStep)
so far the response from the industry has been FRP
yet, it is a fact that FRP does not work in a distributed context
enters SAM, a pattern inspired by Paxos protocol/TLA+ (Propose/Accept/Learn)
focused on mutation
focused on what's allowed rather than subscriptions
Key benefits of SAM:
  • SAM is founded on “Functional UI/HTML”
  • View Components are Stateless
  • View Components are 100% decoupled from the business logic and written outside the framework in vanilla.js/ts
  • Any element of the pattern can be migrated to the server (Universal JavaScript)
  • API calls are 100% isolated from the View